Kewpie Doll (song)

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"Kewpie Doll" is a popular song written by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett.

In the United States, the most popular version was a recording by Perry Como; in the United Kingdom, Como's version competed with a version recorded by Frankie Vaughan.

Como recorded the song twice, on March 4, 1958 and March 11, 1958. The second recording was the basis for its single releases:

  • In the United States, on RCA Victor, as a 78rpm single (catalog number 20-7202), a 45rpm single (catalog number 47-7202), and a stereophonic 45rpm single (catalog number 61-7202) (flip side: "Dance Only with Me") (#6 on the Billboard chart)
  • In the United Kingdom, on RCA as a 78rpm single (catalog number 1055) (flip side: "Dance Only with Me") (#8 on the UK charts)
  • In Germany, on RCA as a 45rpm single (catalog number 47-9182) (flip side: "It's a Good Day")

The recording by Frankie Vaughan was issued on Philips P.B. 825, and reached #10 in the UK singles chart.

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