Kfar Malal

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Kfar Malal
כְּפַר מַלָּ"ל
Kfar Malal Ein Hay street.jpg
Kfar Malal is located in Israel
Kfar Malal
Kfar Malal
Coordinates: 32°10′4.44″N 34°53′42.35″E / 32.1679000°N 34.8950972°E / 32.1679000; 34.8950972Coordinates: 32°10′4.44″N 34°53′42.35″E / 32.1679000°N 34.8950972°E / 32.1679000; 34.8950972
Council Drom HaSharon
Region Sharon plain
Founded 1916
Name meaning Moshe Leib Lilienblum village

Kfar Malal (Hebrew: כְּפַר מַלָּ"ל) is an agricultural moshav in the Sharon region in central Israel. In 2002, the population was 443.[1]


Historic well of Kfar Malal

The village was established in 1911 as "Ein Hai" (lit. Fountain of the Living) on privately owned land.[2] It was later renamed Kfar Malal after Moshe Leib Lilienblum (משה לייב לילינבלום), an early leader of the Hovevei Zion movement, whose acronym in Hebrew is MLL (מל"ל).[3] The village was destroyed in the battles of World War I, resettled by a group of laborers and ravaged again in the 1921 Jaffa riots. In 1922, the land was transferred to the Jewish National Fund and Kfar Malal was rebuilt as a moshav. It suffered more attacks in the 1929 Arab riots.[4] Ariel Sharon, Israel's eleventh prime minister, who was born in Kfar Malal, said that his mother slept with a rifle under her bed until her dying day due to the trauma of hiding in the cowshed with her children at night to escape roving Bedouin gangs.[5]

The moshav receives its municipal services from the Drom HaSharon Regional Council.


In 2006, Malal Park Industries Ltd, co-owned by members of Kfar Malal, signed an agreement with the German bank Eurohypo AG to refinance Park Azorim in Kiryat Aryeh, Petah Tikva. [6]

In 2009, NI Medical, a biotech company located in Kfar Malal, received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a device that assesses left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVSD). The device aids physicians in detecting heart failure in its pre-clinical, asymptomatic phase.[7]

Notable residents[edit]