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Kfarchouba (in Arabic كفرشوبا) (also known as kafarchouba and kfar shuba )

Is a Lebanese village, in the Nabatieh Governorate in Southern Lebanon. Situated in the region of Arkoub 1256 m above sea level and is 130 km from Beirut. Located on the borders of Israel and the Golan Heights, it monitors the depth of both, Israel and Lebanese Bekaa, which makes it a strategic military location.

The Israeli forces have repeatedly repelled attacks from the village by invading in the years 1967, 1970, and 1972. The first invasion in 1975 destroyed most of the village. In 1982, in response to repeated Palestinian attacks from the Lebanon side of the border, Israel invaded Lebanon and occupied much of the country reaching the capital Beirut. Israel's occupation and support for the Israeli-allied South Lebanon Army continued until in May 2000, when the Israeli army withdrew from Lebanon. After the Israeli withdrawal, The UN certified that Israel has withdrawn fully from all Lebanese territory. In the summer of 2006, Israel responded to the abduction of its soldiers patrolling on the Israeli-side of the international border. The abduction and murder of the soldiers was carried out by Hezbollah, a militant group defined as a terrorist organization by the United States. In response, Israel invaded Lebanon to attack Hezbollah.

During the Israeli invasion in 2006, 60 houses were completely destroyed, and 650 were damaged. Currently, over 90% of the population of Kfarchouba lives outside Lebanon. A total of 800 houses make up the village. The school was rebuilt in the 90s. After the return of some immigrants in 2006, a second section was built.

The mosque in the village was destroyed in 1972 and partially rebuilt.

Kfarchouba is the second largest village in southern Lebanon, which also contains the largest number of young graduates in the Caza of Hasbaya.


  • Ajami, and Mobaraki Sheikh Salam: Considered to be The three major holy chains.


  • The village's area is about 37 km², including its hills.
  • Population: 9,500 (Only 1000 live in the village and the rest are abroad)
  • Largest Families: Al KADRI (القادري Arabic), Abdallah (عبدالله Arabic), KASSAB (قصب Arabic), DIAB (ذياب Arabic), GHANEM (in Arabic غانم ),زز Chibli Family
  • President of the municipal council: Dr.Kassem El Kadiri
  • Director of Secondary school: Mohamad El Kadiri
  • Director of primary school: Ahmad Toufic Kassab.
  • Mayors: Mohammad Kassab (Abu Naser), Mohamad hamed, Ali salah Diab.
  • Terrain: Mountainous Terrain
  • Altitude: 1256 m .


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Coordinates: 33°12′32″N 35°17′56″E / 33.209°N 35.299°E / 33.209; 35.299