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Kfarhazir is a Antiochian Orthodox village in Koura District of Lebanon. It is 360 metres above sea level, and has the area of 4.69 square miles. Population: 2000. [1]

Location and Geography[edit]

Kfarhazir lies on a strategic hill in Koura, overlooking the Koura fields and towns from the east, and the Mediterranean sea from the west. Five minutes away from the sea, 35 minutes away from the mountains, and 50 minutes away from Beirut. 360m above sea level.


There are 5 Christian Churches in Kfarhazir.

  • Church of Saint James (Antiochian Orthodox)
  • Church of Al Sayydeh (Antiochian Orthodox)
  • Church of Saints Theodoros and George (Antiochian Orthodox)
  • Church of Saint Elias (Antiochian Orthodox)
  • Church of Saint Takla (Maronite)

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