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Chaabou is one of the goddesses in the Nabataean pantheon, as noted by Epiphanius of Salamis (c.315–403).[1] The description points to either Allat or Uzza, but is most likely the former, since Allat is also associated with Aphrodite,[clarification needed] a fertility goddess. According to Epiphanius, Chaabou was a virgin who gave birth to Dusares[citation needed] (aka Dhu Sharaa, and DVSARI), the 'Lord of Mount Seir', the god of the Nabataeans who was equated with Zeus. Epiphanius records a festival celebrating the birth of Dusares on the 25th of December[citation needed] whereby the Black Stone of Dusares (considered newly born) is carried around the courtyard of the temple seven times.


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