Khadijah James

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Khadijah James
First appearance "Judging by the Cover" (1993)
Last appearance "Let's Stay Together" (1998)
Family Ed James (father)
Rita James (mother)
Stephanie James (paternal half-sister)
Ruth (grandmother)
Synclaire James (cousin)

Khadijah James is a fictional character featured on the Fox network sitcom, Living Single. She was portrayed by Queen Latifah.

Originally, Khadijah was a hard-working editor and publisher of the fictional urban independent monthly Flavor, shared a brownstone apartment in Brooklyn, with her sweet but naïve cousin Synclaire James (Kim Coles), an aspiring actress who works as Khadijah's receptionist and has an affinity for troll dolls; and her childhood friend from East Orange, New Jersey, Régine Hunter (Kim Fields), an image-conscious boutique buyer who was in constant search of a well-to-do man to spend her life with, often referring to said potential man as her "Ken" and later became a costume assistant for a soap opera called Palo Alto with a fondness for gossip and wigs.


Khadijah was born and raised in East Orange, New Jersey. Her father and mother divorced when she was young, and her father later remarried and had another daughter, Stephanie (Tatyana Ali). During her childhood, Khadijah had two best friends, Régine and Scooter (Cress Williams), and also in high school another friend of hers was named Sheri (portrayed by Rosie O'Donnell in an episode), who eventually became a reporter, who briefly worked Khadijah at Flavor magazine. Her high school rival was Denise Hatcher (Cheryl Miller).

Khadijah attended Howard University, where she met Maxine Shaw, who eventually became an attorney. Also, Khadijah was the editor of the university's newspaper, The Hilltop.