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Khaja Banda Nawaz Institute of Medical Sciences (KBNIMS), Gulbarga was started by the Khaja Education Society in the year 2000. The college is at Rouza Buzurg and the hospital at the main road. KBNIMS is recognized by the Medical Council of India and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. The institution has an annual intake of 100 students.


1. Dr. Sirajuddin

2. Dr. P. Subhanallah

3. Dr. F.U. Ahmed

4. Dr. Akram Naikwadi

5. Dr. Imtiazul Haq

About the college[edit]

The college is popularly known as KBNIMS in Karnataka. It has quite good faculty members especially in the pre an para clinical section. Most notable were/are Dr. Deshpande, Dr. Ginde, Dr. Naveed, Dr. Akram, Dr. Mohammed Ali and Dr. Abdul Ghafoor.

The clinical side of the college is filled with good faculty, a 750-bed hospital and average number of cases. KBN hospital is a primary level hospital. It has CT scan, MRI, 2D echo and such facilities.


The college has a sports room. It conducts a sports day every year. The best sportsmen in sports day are selected for zonals. A few students have managed to play for inter zonals and university level too. The sports that were conducted were basketball, football, cricket, volleyball, badminton, kabaddi and athletics among the outdoors and carroms, chess and table tennis among indoors. A big trophy is awarded to the batch winning most games. Since the annual day trend started, the big trophy was always won by KILROYZ (2001 BATCH). diyanathullah shareef's and fazeel ubair ahmed's "dubai ka laddu" has been a memorable stage play forever. In zonals, KBNIMS used to defeat the finalists in almost all games and win the tournament. The usual competitors were Al Ameen, MRMC or BLDEA.

well known players

mirza najeem baig - basketball

fazeel zubair ahmed - basketball

md ghouse mohiuddin - cricket

imran khan - volleyball and cricket

faizullah khan - marathon

md zakir - chess


Along with sports there were cultural events too like singing, dancing, drama, etc. Zakir was famous for singing. Farhan Ahmed was famous for dancing in every event. Fazeel and Diyanath's dubai ka laddu was an unforgettable experience.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Dr. Moiz (2001) - pursuing MS ophthalmology from Aligarh Muslim University
  • Dr. Muzammil (2001) - Medical officer in Indian Air Force
  • Dr. Ilyas Durani (2001) - practicing pediatrician in Hyderabad and nalgonda
  • Dr. Faizullah Khan (2001) - pursuing Mch Urology

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