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This article is about the Bangladeshi musician from the Aurthohin band. For other uses, see Sumon.
Sumon (musician)
Sumon at CUET rag 2014.jpg
Sumon at the rag concert of CUET (2014)
Background information
Birth name Saidus Salehin Khaled
(সাইদুস সালেহীন খালেদ)
Born (1973-01-08) 8 January 1973 (age 42)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Genres Heavy metal, Progressive metal, Hard rock
Occupation(s) Musician, singer-songwriter, producer, actor, businessman
Instruments Bass, vocals, guitar, keyboard
Years active 1993–present
Labels G-Series
Associated acts Feelings, Faith, Warfaze, Trimatrik, Faith, Artcell, Kronic, dNA, Severe Dementia, Kral, Stentorian
Notable instruments
Custom made MTD 5 string bass
NS Design Electric Upright Bass

Saidus Salehin Khaled, known by his nickname Sumon is a bassist from Bangladesh. He is also the vocalist for his band Aurthohin.[1][2] He is sometimes referred to as bassbaba (meaning father of bass) by his audiences for his bass guitar playing.[3]


Sumon started playing guitar when he was 7.He started playing bass guiter when he was 12. When he was 17 he want to buy spanish guitar then in exchange of 500tk he bought a spanish guitar after few months he saw a video from Iron Maiden than he wanted to be the fastest bass guitarist in Bangladesh so he took a string away from his spanish guitar and started playing bass! Michael Tobias Design a special bass guitar of 5 strings for Sumon. He was a student of Government Laboratory High School, Dhaka. In the year 1990, he completed his S.S.C. and then joined music.

Sumon O' Aurthohin[edit]

Saidus Salehin Khaled played bass for a few bands such as Warfaze and Feelings before starting his solo career.[citation needed] In 1993 Sumon quit 'Feelings' and worked on his first solo project 'Sumon O' Aurthohin' (meaning 'Sumon and the meaningless'). The album was released in Eid of 1997. Sumon started performing under the name 'Sumon O' Aurthohin'.

First line-up:

  • Sumon: Vocal, Bass and Guitar
  • Titi (Faith): Drums
  • Sentu (Faith): Bass
  • Zubair: Flute
  • Adnan: Percussion
  • Tonmoy: Guitar

Titi and Sentu had to leave the band in October'97 as they had to make time for their own band Faith. Rumie, the drummer of 'The Trap' left his band and filled in. Sumon changed the name of the band to simply 'Aurthohin'. Zubair and Adnan left the band few months later. Then Shovon came in as a guitarist and vocalist.[citation needed]


Piklu joined Aurthohin in 2000. Aurthohin started the recording of their debut album in April. Shovon took a break from the band for educational purposes. Tonmoy also left the band. Ponir, who used to be the guitarist of 'The Gnomes' of Niloy Das, joined Aurthohin briefly but soon left the band and Rassel, the vocalist/guitarist of 'Winning' joined the band. In 2000, Aurthohin's debut album 'Trimatrik' had been released. Then Rumie and Rassel left the band. Shuvo, the ex-drummer of Jolly Roger, Phycho Death and Death Row joined the band end of 2001. Aurthohin started the work of their 2nd album on 17 November and released it on 10 December 2000 under the label of G-Series. Apu, the keyboardist of 'Triloy', started playing with the band as a guest member. 2nd album 'Biborton' was released in 2001. In 2003 Aurthohin released their 3rd album 'Notun Diner michhile'. 'Dhrubok', the 4th album of the band got released in 2004.

Illness and recovery[edit]

Shortly after Aurthohin's 4th album 'Dhrubok' got released Sumon's health deteriorated. Due to Sumon's illness, the band stopped almost all concerts. At the end of 2004, longtime guitarist Piklu left the band. In 2005, Sumon's jaw got dislocated, but he recovered. Aurthohin performed with the same line up until 2006. Kamal of Warfaze joined as guitarist. Then the band released their fifth album Aushamapto-1 on 2008 and Aushamapto-2 on 2011.

Lately in 2011, Doctor announced that Sumon had Stomach cancer, after that he underwent multiple surgeries & chemotherapy. Finally in 2013, Doctor declared him cancer free.

Sumon wrote a song about his battle against cancer which title is also "Cancer",that song was in Aushomapto 2 album.


Along with Music Sumon produces couple of TV show's. Those are

  • Rocklink in ATN Bangla (2005–07)
  • Lux Channel I Superstar in Channel I(2007–present)
  • Bhoutist in Desh TV(2012–)

& did couple of musical show's in special occasion.

Sumon appeared in a radio show with Shakib Chowdhury & Gibran Tanwir titled "Bhoot FM" (a show on paranormal activities)

Sumon was one of the Judge on talent hunt show "DRockstar-2" by BAMBA with Shafin Ahmed & Partho Borua.

Also anchor musical show Rocklink(2005–07).

Personal life[edit]

Sumon is the father of two children. Ahnaf Salehin(1997) & Aurora Salehin(2003).


Sumon at a stage performance (2012)

Sumon O' Aurthohin / Solo[edit]

Duet Albums[edit]

  • Ekhon Ami (Fuad featuring Sumon & Anila) (2006)




  • Kokhono (Tarader Gunjone) (1999)
  • Jodi Kovu (6 Band 99) (1999)
  • Ektu Ghum (Rock with Radiomania)
  • Olotpalot (Bappa with Rockers)
  • Aaj Eshechi (Coming Back to life) (2011)
  • Protichobi 2012 (Online release) (2012)
  • Maa (Online release) (2013)
  • Chador (Online release) (2013)
  • Amjonota (Online release) (2013)
  • Kothay Tumi (Online release) (2014)
  • Hridoyer Smrititgulo (Online release) (2014)

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