Khaled AlـSultan Bin Essa

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Khaled AlـSultan Bin Essa is a member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, representing the second district. Born in 1940, Bin Essa earned an MA in business administration and was Chairman of the Kuwait Graduates Society before being elected to the National Assembly in 2008.[1]

Mandatory Retirement Age for Teachers[edit]

On November 28, 2008, MP Abdullah Al-Roumi joined MPs Bin Essa, Hassan Johar, Musallam Al-Barrak, and Marzouq AlـHubaini Al-Azmi in formulating a bill to extend the mandatory retirement age for Kuwaiti teaching staff at Kuwait University from 65 to 70 years. Al-Roumi argued that Item 32 of Law no. 15/1979 has denied the country services of able and intelligent academicians by restricting retirement age of Kuwaitis to 65 years. He recommended that a clause be added to the law such that the retirement age can become 70 years and can further be extended to 75 years. As well as being a religious person Khalid is married to an American- Christian woman who owns a dessert store in Shuwiak


Khaled sultan is considered to be one of the high families of kuwait by his large amount of lands companies and fortune, his companies are worth millions