Khallet el Hamra

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Khallet el Hamra
Khallet el Hamra is located in Lebanon
Khallet el Hamra
Shown within Lebanon
Alternate name Khallet Hamra
Location 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) southeast of Ain Ebel, Lebanon
Region Nabatieh Governorate
Coordinates 33°07′14″N 35°18′03″E / 33.1206°N 35.3008°E / 33.1206; 35.3008
Periods Heavy Neolithic, Acheulean
Cultures Qaraoun culture
Site notes
Archaeologists Paul Bovier-Lapierre, Henri Fleisch
Public access Yes
Heavy Neolithic tools of the Qaraoun culture found at Mtaileb I - Massive nosed scraper on a flake with irregular jagged edges, notches and "noses". Light grey and streaky silicious limestone.

Khallet el Hamra or Khallet Hamra is a ravine or wadi joining the larger Wadi Yaroun located 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) southeast of Ain Ebelin the Bint Jbeil District of Nabatieh Governorate in Lebanon.[1][2]

A Heavy Neolithic archaeological site of the Qaraoun culture was discovered by jesuit archaeologist Paul Bovier-Lapierre in 1908. It was located to the south of a track that leads from Ain Ebel to Bint Jbeil at around 700 metres (2,300 ft) above sea level.[3] Bovier-Lapierre considered several of the axes found to be Chellean with one exceptionally large and finely made Acheulean chopper.[4] Henri Fleisch re-evaluated the materials in light of more modern studies and noted the finds to be only sparsely Acheulean with the assemblage consisting of predominantly "abundant" Heavy Neolithic tools of the Qaraoun culture.[1]


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