Khan Ahmad Khan

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Khan Ahmad Khan II
King of the Kia'i dynasty
Reign 1538-1592
House Kia'i
Born 1537
Died 1596
Baghdad,[1] or Constantinople[2] (then part of the Ottoman Empire)
Burial Najaf, Iraq
Religion Zaidiyyah, later Twelver Shia Islam

Khan Ahmad Khan II Gilani (1537-1596) was the last king of the Kia'i dynasty in Gilan. In 1591, Shah Abbas asked Ahmad's daughter to marry his son Safi Mirza, since Ahmad had no male successor. Ahmad disagreed due to age of his daughter.[3] This and some other economic factors caused a Safavid raid in 1591 and Ahmad escaped to Ottoman territories, and spent the rest of his life in Constantinople and Baghdad, spending fruitless attempts to return to power. He died in 1596 and was buried in Najaf, one of the holiest cities of Shia Islam.

Birth and early reign[edit]

Ahmad's father, Hassan II, died in 1538 because of plague. Ahmad then became king of the Kia'i dynasty.