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Kan (Khan) Bonfils is an English actor/performer. He trained at Webber Douglas Academy of Performing Arts.

His film credits include: the original Jedimaster Saesee Tiin(Star Wars: 'The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, 1999), 'Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow'(2004), 'Bodyarmor'(2007) and 'Traveller'(2013).

His other film credits are: Isagura(James Bond: 'Tomorrow never dies'), Tombraider 2, Batman Begins, Skyfall(James Bond) and more.

Bonfils has also performed in the West End: 'Miss Saigon' at Drury Lane, Theatre Royal London and 'The King & I' at London Palladium where he performed the lead with Elaine Paige.

Bonfils also had a brief modelling career, before starting acting, modelling for Michiko Kochino, Hermes, Oswald Boateng and more.


His film credits include:[1]


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