Khan al Baghdadi

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This article is about Baghdadi, Iraq. For Baghdadi, a neighborhood of Karachi, Pakistan, see Baghdadi (Karachi).
Khan al Baghdadi
Khan al Baghdadi is located in Iraq
Khan al Baghdadi
Khan al Baghdadi
Coordinates: 33°51′9″N 42°32′51″E / 33.85250°N 42.54750°E / 33.85250; 42.54750
Country  Iraq
Province Al-Anbar

Khan al Baghdadi or Al Baghdadi is an Iraqi city on the Euphrates River in Al-Anbar province.

It is the closest village to the U.S. Military's Al Asad Airbase, (formerly known as Qadisiyah Airbase when it was operated by the Iraqi Air Force).

Coordinates: 33°51′N 42°33′E / 33.850°N 42.550°E / 33.850; 42.550