Khandelwal Vaishya

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For other uses, see Khandelwal.
Regions with significant populations
India (Rajasthan)
Hindi, Marwari, English

Khandelwal Vaishya is a Vaishnava community originally from Khandela,[1] a historical town in northern Rajasthan, India.

Khandelwal communities and Khandelwal (Vaishya) gotras[edit]

There are three different communities known by the name of Khandelwal, which are Khandelwal Jain, Khandelwal Brahmin and Khandelwal Vaishya.[1] The Khandelwal communities are not known before the 8th-9th century CE.[1][need quotation to verify]

The Khandelwal Vaishya community can be further subdivided into 72 gotras. Marrying a person of the same Gotra is prohibited in the community. Also there is an old religious belief that marrying a person of the same Gotra that of Mother, Father or Grand Father is also prohibited.[citation needed]


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