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Khanjar, circa 1924

The khanjar (Arabic: خنجر‎) is the traditional dagger of Oman. It is similar to the Yemeni jambiya. The khanjar is curved and sharpened on both edges. It is carried in a sheath decorated in silver, on a belt similarly decorated in silver filigree. A khanjar appears on the flag of Oman, as part of the national emblem of Oman.


There are many uses of the khanjar. It is a symbolic weapon, worn by men after puberty. Nowadays, it is used as a type of formal dress item and for stylistic purposes. Drawing the khanjar from its sheath was a social taboo before the 1970s, and men would only do that if they sought revenge or in self-defense.[1]


The khanjar can be found anywhere from Egypt to Iran under the same name.[citation needed]


The Perfume company Amouage which is owned by the Sultan of Oman also has bottles with men's scents having a shape of Khanjar.[2]

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