Kharaa River

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Kharaa River (Хараа гол)
Kharaa gol.JPG
Kharaa River from Baruunkharaa bridge
Country  Mongolia
Aimags Selenge, Tov
Major cities Baruunkharaa
 - right Sognogor gol, Tunkhel gol, Bayan gol
Source Khuin gol
 - location Ar Tolgoi
Mouth Orkhon River
Length 291 km (181 mi)
Basin 15,000 km2 (5,792 sq mi)
Discharge for Baruunkharaa
 - average 8.3 m3/s (293 cu ft/s)
 - max 99.3 m3/s (3,507 cu ft/s)

Kharaa River is a river of Mongolia.

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Coordinates: 48°52′31″N 106°09′00″E / 48.87528°N 106.15000°E / 48.87528; 106.15000