Kharotha Khel

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The Kharotha Khel is a Pathan tribe of Pakistan. The tribe is a subtribe of Niazi Tribe. The tribesmen live in Deli Namdar, Tehsil Kalurkot, Bhakkar District, in the Punjab. The tribe is further a subtribe of the Sumeensl, with land holdings in Bhakkar District. They settled here after the Third Battle of Panipat (1761). They fought against the Sikhs at the 1821 siege of Mankera, with the Sadozai Nawab, of the area of Dera Ismail Khan.

Notable members[edit]

Abul Sattar Khan Kharota Late ;Ex Chairman UC Ghulaman was chief of Kharota family.After his death his four sons i.e. Faizullah Khan, Azizullah Khan, Niazullah Khan, Hafeezullah Khan are residing in Islamabad,while Saadullah Khan is residing in his home district Bhakkar.