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"Khwaja" redirects here. For the city in Iran, see Khajeh. For the village in Iran, see Bagh-e Khvajeh.

Khawaja or Khwaja is a persian word (Persian: خواجه‎) Which means Eunuch (Hindi: हिजड़ा) however generally this title used in the Middle East, South Asia, and Central Asia. They means themselves as a Master, Lord, the title is also closely related to other terms in Sufism. The spellings Hodja or Hoca (Turkish), Hodža (Bosnian), Hoxha (Albanian), Hodža (Slovak), Hotzakis (Greek), and Al-Khawaja[1] are also used.

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  • Khwajagan, a chain of Central Asian Naqshbandi Sufi Masters from the 10th to the 16th century
  • Khoja (Turkestan), a title of the descendants of the Central Asian Naqshbandi Sufi teacher, Ahmad Kasani
  • Hoca, Turkish spelling of Khawaja
  • Hoxha, Albanian surname
  • Hodžić, Bosniak surname


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