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Khelvachauri (Georgian: ხელვაჩაური) is a small town in Adjara, an autonomous republic in southwest Georgia, 8 km southeast to the regional capital Batumi. The towns of Khelvachauri and Makhinjauri, and adjoining 75 villages form Khelvachauri District (raion) bordered by the Black Sea to the west and Turkey to the south. The area of the district is 410 km2; population – 90,843 (2002 est.).

The ancient Gonio fortress is a main historical site in the district. Makhinjauri is a popular climatic spa near the town. Khelvachauri's military base has been bombed by the Russian army, 11 August 2008, at 3 am (local time)

Coordinates: 41°35′08″N 41°40′08″E / 41.58556°N 41.66889°E / 41.58556; 41.66889