Khepera Records

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Khepera Records
Khepera Logo.jpg
Parent company Khepera Music Group
Founded 2007
Status Active
Distributor(s) Empire Distribution, eOne Music
Genre R&B, Hip-hop, rock, alternative, Latin, jazz, pop
Country of origin United States
Location San Diego, CA
Official website

Khepera Records is a record label, based in San Diego, CA and founded by platinum record producer Kimo Kaulani and R&B platinum recording artist, record producer Geri King, specializing in R&B, pop, alternative, hip hop, jazz, rock and Latin music.

Label history[edit]

The label was established in 2007 and is a division of 141 Entertainment with distribution digitally through INgrooves, a company that is a partner of Universal Music Group. Khepera Records was formed after Kimo Kaulani and Geri King left their previous labels Red Skye Records and Nuendo Music Group which were distributed by Sony Music. Artists on Khepera Records include: Female R&B artist and label co-president Geri King, whose first three albums Tenderly, Deja Vu and Always garnered her international acclaim and have went Platinum in several countries. World renowned jazz drummer Cindy Blackman with her quartet, Khalil Raniim, Audio Impulsion, Giacca Astuti, Kahlil Gibran Tanner and Black Magic Driver.

In June 2011, through merger and acquisition, 141 Entertainment, Inc was closed and the new parent company was formed as Khepera Music Group. The new parent company brought Dream Chase Pictures into its fold to join the existing group of companies and closed the Endless Soul Music label.

Khepera Records also owns the imprint label Sonic Flux Music.



  • Baby Aces ft Baby Bash & Ruly Russo - "Turbulence" (2014)
  • Baby Bash ft Baby Aces & Ruly Russo - "Swerve" (2014)
  • Ruly Russo - "Stuck Off Tha Russo" (2013)
  • Geri King - "Masquerade - The Deluxe Version" (2013)
  • Baby Aces - "Control" (2013)
  • G Webb - "Hit Em Hard" (2013)
  • Baby Aces ft Frank Stickemz - "Jah Jah" (2013)
  • Khalil - "Are You Ready" (2012)
  • Geri King - Masquerade (2011)
  • Geri King - Out Of My Head (2011)
  • Watchmen - Wu Tang Management Presents: Watchmen (2010)
  • Savage Emceez - Savage World (2010)
  • Savage Emceez - One of Us (2010)
  • Giacca Astuti - Vol 1 (2009)
  • Audio Impulsion - Anglewitch (2009)
  • Audio Impulsion - EP 1 (2009)
  • Geri King - Running Away - Giacca Astuti Remix (2009)
  • Cindy Blackman - Music for the New Millennium (2008)
  • Geri King - Running Away (2008)
  • Geri King - Always (2004)
  • Geri King - Deja Vu (2002)
  • Geri King - Tenderly (2000)

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