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Khirasara is located in India
Shown within India
Location Khirasara, Nakhatrana, Kutch
Coordinates 22°00′33″N 69°37′03″E / 22.00917°N 69.61750°E / 22.00917; 69.61750Coordinates: 22°00′33″N 69°37′03″E / 22.00917°N 69.61750°E / 22.00917; 69.61750
Type Settlement
Cultures Indus Valley Civilization

Khirasara is an archaeological site belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. This site is located in Nakhatrana Taluka of Kutch District in the western Indian state of Gujarat. The Nakhatrana is 386 km away from Ahmedabad.


During 1976-77 exploration, an Archaeological Survey of India official discovered a big cubical weight, chunks of pottery, sprinklers and spouts of red polished ware from the site.[1] In December 2009, a team from the Vadodara division of the Archaeological Survey of India started excavation at this site after the discovery of a 300 m² fortification wall.


Specimens of fine perforated pottery were discovered from the site during the excavation.[2] Seals found at this site are exhibited at Bhuj Museum.

Survey instrument[edit]

Archeological Survey of India has recovered a survey instrument, comparable to modern prismatic compass, from the site called Gadh-vali vadi.[3]

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