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Closeup of a khlui phiang aw's blowing end, showing blowing hole, block, and duct

The khlui (Thai: ขลุ่ย, Thai pronunciation: [kʰlùj]) is a vertical duct flute from Thailand. It is generally made of bamboo, though instruments are also made from hardwood or plastic. The khlui is very similar to the Cambodian khloy, though there are differences in tuning between the two instruments.

It comes in three sizes: khlui lib (ขลุ่ยหลิบ; small), khlui phiang aw (ขลุ่ยเพียงออ; medium), and khlui u (ขลุ่ยอู้; large).[1]

The khlui once had a buzzing membrane similar to the Chinese di mo, but this is not used today.

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