Khok Samrong District

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Khok Samrong
Amphoe location in Lopburi Province
Amphoe location in Lopburi Province
Coordinates: 15°4′11″N 100°43′26″E / 15.06972°N 100.72389°E / 15.06972; 100.72389Coordinates: 15°4′11″N 100°43′26″E / 15.06972°N 100.72389°E / 15.06972; 100.72389
Country  Thailand
Province Lopburi
 • Total 982.5 km2 (379.3 sq mi)
Population (2000)
 • Total 86,381
 • Density 87.9/km2 (228/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 15120
Geocode 1603

Khok Samrong is a district (amphoe) of Lopburi Province in central Thailand. The district is the transportation hub of the province.


Originally named Phu Kha, the minor district (King Amphoe) was renamed to Sa Bot in 1909. In 1915 it became a full district and renamed to Khok Samrong, as the district office was relocated to there.


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Nong Muang, Sa Bot, Chai Badan, Phatthana Nikhom, Mueang Lopburi and Ban Mi.


Khoksamrong does not have a train station, however many coaches, buses and mini vans pass through. A mini van to Lopburi town costs 25 baht, and takes approximately 35 minutes. A regular bus costs the same, but can take up to an hour due to frequent stops and the slower pace. A mini van to Bangkok costs 120 baht, and takes 3–4 hours, depending on traffic.


Kasetsart University Lopburi campus is located in Tambon Phaniat, Khok Samrong district.

Wat Khao Wong Phra Chan is a nearby temple located at the highest mountain in Lopburi Province, just south of Khoksamrong. It is 5 km from the main road between Lopburi and Khoksamrong (a motorcycle taxi usually waits at the main road to take visitors for a slightly overpriced fee). The temple is at the foot of the mountain, which can be climbed via a tree-shaded staircase. At the bottom of the mountain is an interesting and unusual museum featuring a wide collection of religious amulets and ornaments, as well as photos, paintings and sculptures. The temple provides a complimentary vegetarian meal (donations recommended) for visitors.

Khoksamrong town has little in the way of tourist attractions, but is a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours. It has quite a few temples, a large and interesting market, along with an evening market on Thursdays by the coach station. Some of Lopburi's finest sunflower fields are on the outskirts of Khoksamrong, however private transport is needed to access them.


The district is subdivided into 13 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 137 villages (muban). The township (thesaban tambon) Khok Samrong covers parts of the tambon Khok Samrong. There are further 13 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

1. Khok Samrong โคกสำโรง
2. Ko Kaeo เกาะแก้ว
3. Thalung Lek ถลุงเหล็ก
4. Lum Khao หลุมข้าว
5. Huai Pong ห้วยโป่ง
6. Khlong Ket คลองเกตุ
7. Sakae Rap สะแกราบ
8. Phaniat เพนียด
9. Wang Phloeng วังเพลิง
10. Dong Marum ดงมะรุม
18. Wang Khon Khwang วังขอนขว้าง
20. Wang Chan วังจั่น
22. Nong Khaem หนองแขม

Missing numbers are tambon which now form Nong Muang and Khok Charoen district.