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A pond in Khoksa, General view.

Khoksa is a small town eastern Kushtia District, Bangladesh. It is 24 km from Kushtia city and 200 km from the capital Dhaka.

Unions: Khoksa, Osmanpur, Bebaria, Janipur, Shimulia, Somospur & Gopgram.

Educational Institutions: The town has a number of educational institutions. Khokha University College and Khoksa-Janipur Pilot High School are mentionable. These educational institutions have glorious history and reputation. Students of these institutions are making brilliant results in public examinations.

Janipur is the house of annual Hindu Kali Pooja festival in Bangladesh. Hindus from all over Bangladesh come to attend this religious festival.

The economy of this upazilla is mostly agriculture oriented. Khoksa has a railway station which is its gateway to the rest of Bangladesh.

Former Gorai River runs along the west side of the town, including the famous island "Guchchho Gram".


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Coordinates: 24°27′N 88°53′E / 24.450°N 88.883°E / 24.450; 88.883