Kholat Syakhl

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Kholat Syakhl, or the "Dead Mountain" in Mansi[citation needed] (lit. Мёртвая гора Myortvaya gora in Russian) is a mountain in the northern Ural region of Russia. In 1959 a group of ski hikers led by Igor Dyatlov mysteriously perished on the east shoulder of the mountain. The mountain is the subject of several important Mansi legends.[citation needed] Name of this mountain simply means lack of game for Mansi hunters, not "Mountain of the Dead" as some suggest due to popular misconception and related events. Mansi word "Kholat" meaning "dead" or "meager" is a relatively common name on their territory and is part of at least 3 other topographic objects.


Coordinates: 61°45′18″N 59°25′21″E / 61.75500°N 59.42250°E / 61.75500; 59.42250