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Making Khoresh karafs 1.jpg
Type Stew
Place of origin Iran
Serving temperature .
Main ingredients Meat, Vegetables, Spices
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Khoresh Persian: خورش‎ is a generic term for stew dishes in Persian cuisine. The word is a substantive of the verb xordan (Persian: خوردن‎) "to eat" and literally means "meal". The word is often misspellt Khoresht (Persian: خورشت‎) in writing, which is attributable to linguistic hypercorrection. An alternative, although rare spelling, is Khorisht.

It generally refers to different stews in the Persian cuisine, and is typically served beside polo (rice). In Persian cuisines there are many different Khoresh with many unique ingredients. Vegetarian Koreshs are common. Iranian stews use liberal amounts of saffron to give a distinctive and fragrant taste. The most popular Khoreshs are Khoresh Gheymeh, Khoresh Ghormeh Sabzi and Khoresh Fesenjaan. These stews feature in Mesopotamian cuisine also.


Khoresh Bademjan Lape
Khoresh-e Gheimeh

Salt, pepper, Advieh, and oil are also used in these dishes.


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