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Not to be confused with Xhosa language.
Khoso, Khosa
Total population
about 2.13 million
Regions with significant populations
Persian, Balochi, Sindhi, Siraiki, Punjabi
Related ethnic groups
Baloch tribes

Khosa, Khoso, or Khosug (Balochi: کھوسگ, Sindhi: کوسو, Urdu: کھوسھ ,کھوسو‎) is a Baloch tribe of Pakistan. According to Baloch history, Khoso was the grandson of Hooth . According to Baloch epics, Khoso means "brave" or "The Brave Warrior". Khosag is the main tribe which is being remain from Jalal khan's (I) step towards Makran. Khosag is the main tribe of baluch, which are the direct clan of Quresh Of Arab. Hooth named his son Mir khosag khan hooth, due to his deep influenced with his ancestors history's of being hooth's grandson. Mir Aali hooth had the ruler Of Makran (todays part of Pakistani and Irani territory) and his ruling time, approx before the existence of sharria Muhammadia (Islam). Mir Khosag Khan was the only brother of Mir Aali khan. After the death of Prince Mir Aali Khan, his position was overhanded to Prince Khosag khan, his strategic allienced and governance structured with Turkish rulers were benefited the Residents of Makran.

Prince Mir Khosag khan fought many wars against the barbism of Turks, Arabs when they attack Mir Khosag forces in today's part of Iranian part of Makran.

Prince Mir Khosag khan later expanded his army through the region to safguard the kingdom of Makran.

Today Khosag tribe is one of the leading tribe of Baluch Nation Which spreaded in all areas of Pakistani, Irani and Afghani part of Baluchistan. Khosa/khoso/khosag had being the ruler in their time of Makran's Hoth dynasty but unfortunately remain less in numbers as compare to other tribes in Makran.

According to Baloch historians, tribe have migrated into other areas of Baluch tribal areas of Baluchistan and they had expended their power in almost areas of Baluch diaspora.

Khosag tribe is very famous among people of Sindh, as Prince Mir Punno khan (Prince khan Khosag's nephew and Prince Aali's son) Invades sindh's territory by fall in love with the Queen of Bamboor of Sindh. Today Khosag tribe is one of the largest tribe in Sindh and in Baluch areas of Punjab. Enjoying political,geographical,economical and social status of Sindh's and Punjab's areas of Baluch dominant areas. Khosa is considered one of the third big tribe which Resident in All division of Baluch land including Makrani, sulemani belt of baluch areas of Baluchistan, they have sardari system, like other tribes contain in tribal areas of baluch society . They enjoyed the ruling status of today's Sindh region As Talpur Baluch are from Mir Rauf khan Khosa hoothzai tribe and they had invaded sindh from kalhoros, Rajputs, soomro and stand their own big Dynasty in this Region. They have fought extremely bloodshed war with kalhoros mughals, Rajpuths and last with British occupation in 1800s era. Mir Dilmuraad khan khosag one of the famous and most written figure in Baluch gorilla history , his tactics of fighting are written in today's books and writers sorted out ed his extra skills and Excellency of gorilla tactics, which had been seen while fighting with British forces in 1857, this war Resulted the killing of large number of British forces.

Today Khosa tribe is the ruling tribe of southern part of Punjab's province and in Tribal areas of Baluchistan and their presency in Sindh counted second largest tribe among other tribes of interior sindh, and they have tribal stack in this region. Khosag Baluch of Makran are few in numbers as they intermarriage with only hooths and kalmati tribes of their own blooded tribe, and some Aalizai khosag are interlink and do marriages with Rind , Bezanjo, Gorgaij, Kahudahi, and with Raees as well. Mir Khosag's grandfather (called) named was Mir Aali khan (Real name Was Mir Umro) { Mir Aali (punno's father named after his grand father's (called )name}, today's in Makran region of khosa's largest and princely backed subtribe is AaliZai, which further divided in subtribe Balachzai , Syed Zai , ghajizai, Mallok zai. Khosag are in great number which residents in costal and dry areas of Iranian Makran, where they intermarriages moslty with Hoot tribe. On the other hand khosag also can be seen in Mand, Tump , Turbat, Gawadar and malir area of Karachi. As a result of years past, khosag tribe's history have focused rarely in the books of poets and writers of Makran. but Historian said they are the direct descent of Prince Mir Khosag khan.

In early 1700s time Khosag hooth's subtribe "Kalmati" recorded the Gorilla war against Portuguese Lashkars in coastal areas of Makran (including today's part of Irani dominant Makran).

Kalmatiis are the Subtribe of Khosag hooth, tribe named after the place name 'kalmat' which had a popular place of Ruler khosag hooth's. They defeated Portuguese forces three times, Portuguese were famous by using tactics to control any area but Mir Jiyand khan never been failed to let Portuguese taken over the his ruling land.

The last fight was fought between baluch and Portuguese and baluch were fought under military leader Mir Hammal Khan hoth (ruling member of Khosag hooth).

Hammal bravery is famous among baluch poetry and his name is being use widely by the people of Makran's dominant baluch for their new born son . Mir Hammal khan was the ancestors of Prince Mir Aali khan and Miran Khosag khan and history said they never declined their foot in front of external forces and in front of their enemies , Hammal remained his ancestors status and failed the conspiracy of porthugese. He was arrested and later hanged in Goha, India, by the Portuguese army , his blood had drunken by Portuguese forces for being brave Like Great Hammal khan Baluch .[citation needed]

Notable Khosa people[edit]

Son's Of Sirdar Zulfiqar Khosa ,



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03 brothers of Khosa Tribes Chiefs, (1) Sardar Bahadur Khan Khosa (Pubjab Dera Gazi, Bahadur Garh) (2) Sardar Dilawar Khan Khoso (Sindh Dadu District, Kakar,Khathri) (3) Sardar Saheb Khan Khoso (Jesalmair, Nagraja Village India)