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Not to be confused with Xhosa language.
Khoso, Khosa
Total population
about 5 million
Regions with significant populations
Persian, Balochi, Sindhi, Siraiki, Punjabi
Related ethnic groups
Baloch tribes

Khosa, Khoso, or Khosug (Balochi: کھوسگ, Sindhi:کھوسو, Urdu: کھوسھ ,کھوسو‎, is a Baloch tribe of Pakistan. According to Baloch history, Khoso was the grandson of Hooth and Hooth was the younger brother of Rind. According to Baloch epics, Khoso means "brave" or "The Brave Warrior". Khoso is one of forty tribes of Baloch that has survived since the 11th century A.D. According to Baloch historians, tribes have merged into Hooth Tribe and Remain less in Makran Region but on the other hand in Trible areas Baluchistan Sindh and Punjab khosa is seem to be one of powerful tribe among other Baloch tribes. Khosa baloch are the direct Ancestors of Prince family of Makran which are led under taken hooth tribe, as khosa from the blood of hoot as when Jalal khan arrived in 13th century with new unity Baloch forum so along with his arrival, khosag one of the front tribe which was migrated with jalal khan, and in the hoot dynasty in makran kech (head quarter) of prince Aali Hooth famously punnon's Father, was gave the power authority of governing to his brother Mir khosag khan and hence now majority of khosag are in Bahokalaat, Nasar kand, kunaruk, Tump kech , Turbat kech, Gawadar, Malir gaddap Karachi, are the Direct descent s of Mir Khosag Of Makran's Royal Family.

The Khoso tribe name is found in many Baloch epic poems of the 9th and 10th century.[citation needed]






Notable Khosa people[edit]