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For places in Iran, see Khosrow, Iran (disambiguation).

Khusro, Khosrau, Khusrau, Kasra, Khosrow, Khusrow or Khusraw (Persian: خسروKhosrow; Arabic: كسرىKisrā; Greek: Osroes or Chosroes; Turkish: Hüsrev) is the name of a mythical Persian leader, in the Avesta of the Zoroastrians known as Kavi Haosravah, with the meaning "with good reputation".

A number of other rulers of Persia, Armenia (Խոսրով Xosrov) and the Middle East are known by this name, and in some times and places it has come to mean "king" or "ruler", hence khosrau (king).


Women of this name[edit]

Modern people[edit]