Khosta railway station

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Coordinates: 43°30′41″N 39°51′51″E / 43.51139°N 39.86417°E / 43.51139; 39.86417

For other uses, see Khosta.
Khosta railway station in 2008

Khosta railway station (Russian: Станция Хоста) is a railway station of the North Caucasus Railway, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, located in Khosta, Khostinsky City District of Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

In 1926 begins to run on the Sochi - Adler, under construction since 1914 Tuapse railroad - Sukhum and Khosta comes first train. In 1961-1963 the station was built. At station 3 passenger electrified track and 3 platforms. In 2012 they were remodeled, tiled, made high. Platforms were interconnected with tunnel.