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Family name
Meaning Priest

Khouri (also transliterated as "Khoury", "Courey" Arabic: خوري‎, "Χούρι"(Greek) Ḫūrī) is an Arabic surname that is unique to Arab Christians. The term Khouri means "priest" in Arabic. It derives from the Latin word curia.

Although most popular amongst the population in Lebanon, the name can also be found within Christian communities in Syria, Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq and Jordan. It is often given as a last name to a new priest or minister, replacing the old one. It is common for a family to keep the Khouri surname for generations past the life of the priest. Catholic and Orthodox clergy (particularly Greek Orthodox, Melkite Catholic and Maronite Catholic) are the largest numbers of people with this name; all three Rites having a married priesthood according to Catholic and Orthodox norms. Khouri is uncommon as a given name.

The name is also uncommonly spelled as Elcure, Korey, Kouri, Couri, Koury, Kuri, Kury, Cury, Curi, Courey, Coorey, Correy or even Chory,[citation needed] and in Latin America as Cure, Kure, Juri or Jure.