Khrami River

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Khrami (ხრამი)
Azerbaijani: Anaxatır
Khrami River Red Bridge.jpg
Khrami river on Azerbaijani-Georgian border, near Red Bridge
Countries Georgia (country), Azerbaijan
Region Caucasus
Part of Kura River
 - left Debeda River, Mashavera
Source Lesser Caucasus
 - location Trialeti Range, Georgia
Mouth Kura River
 - location Muğanlı, Agstafa, Azerbaijan
Length 201 km (125 mi)

The Khrami River (Georgian: ხრამი, Azerbaijani: Anaxatır) is a 201 km-long river in eastern Georgia and partly in western Azerbaijan, the right tributary to the Kura River. It originates in the Trialeti Range and flows into the deep valley, being primarily fed by snow. Its tributaries are: the Debeda and Mashavera rivers. The Tsalka Reservoir and three hydroelectric power plants are built on the Krami River.

Coordinates: 41°18′55″N 45°07′31″E / 41.31528°N 45.12528°E / 41.31528; 45.12528