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Khromtau is located in Kazakhstan
Location in Kazakhstan
Coordinates: 50°15′1″N 58°26′5″E / 50.25028°N 58.43472°E / 50.25028; 58.43472Coordinates: 50°15′1″N 58°26′5″E / 50.25028°N 58.43472°E / 50.25028; 58.43472
Country Kazakhstan
Province Aktobe Province
District Khromtau District
Population (2008)
 • Total 21,156

Khromtau (Kazakh: Хромтау / Xromtaw) is a town in Aktobe Province of Kazakhstan, the administrative center of Khromtau District. It was formed in 1967. Population: 21,740 (2009 Census results);[1]24,089 (1999 Census results).[1]

Khromtau has important Chromium deposits, which are currently exploited in underground mines by Kazchrome, a subsidiary of Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC). Previously, Chromite ore was mined in open cast mines, which left enormous pits behind.

The newly built mosque and the also new Russian orthodox church are juxtaposed on the mains square of town.

FC Gornyak plays in the Kazakhstan First Division.

The town sent a bandy team to the Spartakiade 2009.[2]


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