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Coat of arms of Khrystynivka

Khrystynivka (Ukrainian: Христи́нівка; Russian: Христи́новка, Khristinovka) is a city in Cherkasy Oblast (province) of Ukraine. Population is 11,650 (2001).

It is also the site of an ancient mega-settlement dating to 4000 - 3600 B.C. belonging to the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture. The settlement was for the time very large, covering an area of 100 hectares. This proto-city are just one of 2440 Cucuteni-Trypillia settlements discovered so far in Moldova and Ukraine. 194 (8%) of these settlements had a area of more than 10 hectares between 5000 - 2700 B.C. and more than 29 settlements had an area in the range 100 - 300 - 450 Hectares.[1]


Coordinates: 48°50′N 29°58′E / 48.833°N 29.967°E / 48.833; 29.967