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The Khudiadadzai are a Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Khudiadadzai of the Kakar Sunzerkel (Sanzarkhel) tribe from Balochistan, a region divided between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. It consists of many clans, including Mirdadzai, Paizai, and Baigzai.

The people of Khudiadzai live in Nasai, Muslim Bagh, Chinjan, Pishin, Loralai, Duki, and other places. The main tribes (Mirdadzai) house is in Killa Saifullah, where the Saifullah Khan Khudiadadzai Family is settled. The remnants of Saifullah Khan Khudiadazai are still in Killa Saifullah.

The Khudiadadzai people fought bravely against the British. In this regard, Saifullah Khan ("The Great Warrior") was a recognized personality in fighting against the British army at that time.