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Khumulwng is located in Tripura
Coordinates: 23°28′N 91°16′E / 23.47°N 91.26°E / 23.47; 91.26Coordinates: 23°28′N 91°16′E / 23.47°N 91.26°E / 23.47; 91.26
Country India
State Tripura
District West Tripura
 • Official Bengali, Kokborok, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 799 045
Telephone code 91-0381
Vehicle registration TR

Khumulwng is a town in the West Tripura [1] district in Tripura [2], India. It is the headquarters and the largest town of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council.


Khumulwng was established in 1991. The TTAADC headquarters was shifted to the town from 1996 onwards.

Kaunsil Nok, Khumulwng


It is situated 25 km from Agartala.

Kaunsil Nok[edit]

The most beautiful landmark of the town is the Kaunsil Nok (Council House) located right in the heart of the town. This structure houses the legislative body of the TTAADC (Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council).


The ethnic population are the Tripuri people. The local language is Kokborok. They have a distinct identity of their own. They are different from the majority Bengali population of the state.


Various socio-cultural clubs are coming up to develop the local culture, flora and fauna. The cultural beauty and abundance in Khumulwng is invaluable. The town is a blend of tribal culture and the Christian influence. We see peoples celebrating the Goria Ter[disambiguation needed] as well as the Christmas with much joyfulness. Most of the people, by profession, here are either government employees and their families or business oriented.


Khumulwng Baptist Church

There are many Churches in and around the town area, most notably

  • Khumulwng Baptist Church:- This church was established on 22 March 1998. Rev.Chuanshekhor Debbarma, Dn. Bhupendra Debbarma, Dn.Hemchandra Debbarma and many christians of Khumulwng area had faced many barriers to established the Church at Khumulwng.At that time the church had a thatch roofed prayer house. It has now a beautiful Church building which was designed by Er. Dhaniram Debbarma and built during his 10 years tenure(2001–2010) as Secretary of the Church.This church has 471 members(AS per census 2010).
  • Zion Baptist Church
  • Joygobin Baptist Church
  • Khakchangma Baptist Church
  • Dosoram Baptist Church
  • Galili Baptist Church
  • Believer's Church

There is also one GFA center in Khumulwng.

On every December a fair is organized by the group of local churches where people of all walks of life and from all faith participate to show their brotherhood.


Khumulwng act as the junction of transportation and business for the interior villages. It is fast emerging as the local business hub amongst the TTAADC.



There are three important schools in Khumulwng. They are:


There is a degree college, Khumulwng College, run by the state government in the town.


Khumulwng can be accessed through road with the Assam-Agartala National Highway 44. The nearest stop on the highway is in Jirania (3 km) and the newly developing junction of Madhob Kami (2 km).

Railway station[edit]

The nearest railway station is Jirania Railway Station, 3 km away from the town across the river Haora.


The nearest airport is Agartala Airport located about 35 km away.

Civic amenities[edit]

Town hall[edit]

Khumulwng has a Town-Hall situated near the Kaunsil Nok which is used by the people of the town for organizing various programs and functions.


Across the Town-Hall is a park, used often as a picnic spot which is surrounded on three sides by a man-made lake.


There is a government hospital to serve the needs of the town and the surrounding population.

Recent events[edit]

KBCA Tripuri choir at the TBYF 2005, Khumulwng


A huge gathering called Tripura Baptist Youth Fellowship was organized on 28–30 January 2005 in Khumulwng Baptist Church. The total delegation crossed 1500 strength. Delegates came from all over Tripura and even from Mizoram. Executives of TBCU, Zoram Baptist Mission and Evangelical Church of Maraland also took part in the fellowship. Different tribes of Tripura came and mingled with each other as if all were the same, like all in one, in Christ. The fellowship included Musical Meet, Discussions and Bible Classes.

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