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Kibyra (sometimes also spelled as Cibyra) is an ancient city and an archaeological site in south-west Turkey, near the modern town of Gölhisar, in Burdur Province.

Possibly originally settled by Lydians, it is also the place where, according to Strabo, the Lydian language was still being spoken among a multicultural population around his time (1st century BC), thus making Kibyra the last locality where the culture, by then extinct in Lydia proper according to extant accounts, is attested.[1]

A tetrapolis (grouping of four cities) was formed under the leadership of Kibyra during the 2nd century BC. The Kibyran Tetrapolis included the neighboring cities of Bubon, Balbura and Oenoanda. The tetrapolis was dissolved by the Roman general Lucius Licinius Murena in 83 BC, at the time of the First Mithridatic War.


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Coordinates: 37°09′36″N 29°29′21″E / 37.1601°N 29.4892°E / 37.1601; 29.4892