Kick Bong

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Kick Bong
Origin Paris, France
Genres Trip hop, Downtempo, ambient
Years active 2001–present
Labels Cosmicleaf records
Members Franck Jousselin
Notable instruments
Drums, bass, percussions, voice, synth and computer.

Kick Bong is the Psybient project of French producer Franck Jousselin. Kick Bong's sound is somewhat darker than the average "Chill Psy" or "Psybient", and places greater emphasis on percussion, such as breakbeats.


Kick Bong has performed at French and international psytrance parties such as Effervetranses, Gaia, Audiovenum, Le Gibus (fr), and Le Tryptique (fr), Glade (Uk), Boom festival (Portugal), Arcadia (France), Existence (Spain), Sinergia (Portugal), Omni (Spain), Waveform festival (Uk), Le Glaz’art (Paris), Utopia (Portugal), Hadra (France), and Digital Harmonium (France).


Since 2001, Kick Bong has released 18 titles that have appeared on 17 compilations.


Frank first played drums at age 12. Since 1996 he has composed and collaborated in a number of Electronic music genres including Funky House, Electro Pop and Acid Jazz. He began producing Psybient in 2001.



  • 2005 A Cup of Tea? (Ultra Vista Rec.)
  • 2008 Flower Power (Cosmicleaf Rec.)
  • 2010 Kind Of Imagination (Cosmicleaf Rec.)
  • 2010 What's up in this World? EP (Another Chance Records)
  • 2011 Remixed (Cosmicleaf Records)
  • 2012 Everyday With Hope EP (Bandcamp)
  • 2012 Presence EP (Plusquam Chillout)
  • 2013 The Secret Garden (Cosmicleaf Records)
  • 2014 A Waking Dream (Cosmicleaf Records)
  • 2015 The Lost Valley (Cosmicleaf Records)


  • 2001 Global Psychedelic Trance Vol. 7 (Spirit Zone Rec.) - "Eclosys"
  • 2002 Global Psychedelic Chill Out Vol. 3 (Spirit Zone Rec.) - "Vaporum"
  • 2002 Global Psychedelic Trance Vol. 8 (Spirit Zone Rec.) - "Chill's"
  • 2003 Global Psychedelic Chill Out Vol. 4 (Spirit Zone Rec.) - "Tropical Trip"
  • 2003 Mountain High (Candyflip Rec.) - "Incense"
  • 2004 Green Instant (Clima Rec.) - "Dream Again"
  • 2005 Chilling Goddess (Peak Rec.) - "Gravity"
  • 2005 Chillogram (Peak Rec.) - "Welcome E.T."
  • 2005 Electronic Summer in Corsica (Hoots Rec.) - "Secret"
  • 2005 Mountain High 2 (Candyflip Rec.) - "Way of Life", "Ballad"
  • 2006 Nova Natura 2 (Cosmicleaf Rec.) - "Landscape"
  • 2007 Chiller Vol. 1 (Chillcode Music) - "Pure Love"
  • 2008 Buddha Zen Chillout (SoulCandi) - "Flower Power"
  • 2008 Hadravision - A Chillout Exploration (Hadra Rec.) - "Voodoo Beach"
  • 2008 Materia Musica (Ajana Rec.) - "Vague à l'âme"
  • 2008 Tranchillizer (Peak Rec.) - "Drumridoo"
  • 2009 Sonic Atmosphere (Sonic Motion Rec.) - "Stone"
  • 2010 Made of Down (Blue hour sounds) - "From Nowhere"


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