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Kidderpore is located in Kolkata
Location in Kolkata
Coordinates: 22°32′34″N 88°19′09″E / 22.5427°N 88.3192°E / 22.5427; 88.3192Coordinates: 22°32′34″N 88°19′09″E / 22.5427°N 88.3192°E / 22.5427; 88.3192
Country  India
State West Bengal
District South 24 parganas
City Kolkata
Elevation 9 m (30 ft)
 • Official Bengali, English, Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Khidirpur or Kidderpore is a neighborhood of metropolitan Kolkata (Calcutta). Located in the central-west part of the city, it is bounded by the districts of Alipore in the east, Ekbalpore in the south, Hastings, in the north, Metiabruz in the south-west and the Hooghly River in the west.


One of the oldest parts of the city, Kidderpore has a legend with respect to its name. It is said that some British could not converse in Bengali. Whenever they passed by, their asking in broken Hindi for the directions to the port where their ships used to dock sounded somewhat like 'kidder-port'. More plausibly, the name is a corruption of Khidrpur or Khizarpur, Khizr/Khidr being the guardian saint of the seas and the delta for the fishing communities in Bengal. This is one of the versions behind the nomenclature of the place. In fact, the port got its name from Lord Kyde, a 19th-century engineer who designed and supervised the building of the lock gate that connects the port to the Hoogly River. Because of his work, the tidal difference of the Hoogly River water level is isolated from the water level of the port. The port took his name and is called Kyderpore or Khidirpur.

The Diamond Harbour Road at Kidderpore.

The gateway of Kidderpore is at the crossing of Diamond Harbour Road and Gangadhar Banerjee Lane. At that place a roadside restaurant dating from the British era remains, named "Panchubabu's Shop" or "Panchubabur Dokan", one of the landmarks of Kidderpore. The area is also home to quite a few dargahs of Sufi saints like Syed Baba and Shah Warsi Baba, to name a few.

A number of soldiers killed during the 2nd World War were buried at the Solana Muslim burial ground.

Even in the field of Indian literature, this part of Kolkata produced three jewel poets. They were Rongolal Bandhopadhyay, Hemchandra Bandopadhyay and Michael Madhushudan Dutta. As no other place or locality in West Bengal had ever produced three such poetic maestros together a name was given to a road in tribute this fact, it is the "Kabitirtha Sarani".

St Thomas school, which is probably one of the oldest and largest area schools of India is situated here. Its history runs for more than 220 years. The entire area was donated by the then Raja of Bhukailash Rajbari. Online, Share Mandi is a trusted equity dealer in this locality for the last ten years. The place is also known for Kidderpore College, the leading educational institute in the area.


Kidderpore is located at 22°32′N 88°19′E / 22.53°N 88.32°E / 22.53; 88.32.[1] It has an average elevation of 9 m (30 ft).


Kidderpore Bridge is one of the few bridges in Kolkata that has trams plying over it. The Kidderpore Tram Depot connects famous locations like Kalighat, Tollygunge and Ballygunge, etc. The Kidderpore crosspoint (also called More in Bengali) is connected with North, South and Central Kolkata by various private and state bus services. Kidderpore is the site of the only ocean port in India accessed by river. Kidderpore can also be accessed by the Kolkata Circular Railway which has a station in the locality. In the future, the neighborhood will be connected to the city center by the Kolkata Metro.

Medical facilities[edit]

I - Major hospitals:

  • Calcutta Medical Research Institute, Alipore
  • BM Birla Heart Research Centre, Alipore
  • Kothari Medical Research Center, Alipore
  • SSKM Hospital (Government Hospital)nearby approx 1 km
  • Bangur Institute of Neurology, nearby approx 1 km
  • Shambhunath Pandit Hospital, nearby approx 1.5 km
  • Ramrik Haralalka Hospital, Bhowanipore, nearby approx 1 km

II - Major nursing homes:

  • Labbaik Medical Center
  • Ekbalpore Nursing Home
  • Netaji Nursing Home
  • Port View Nursing Home

Also there are some governmental medical institutions like S.S.K.M. Hospital, Calcutta Dock Labour Board Hospital and Shambhunath Pandit Hospital.

Educational institutions[edit]

  1. St Thomas School, Kolkata|St. Thomas' School, Diamond Harbour Road is the oldest one in West Bengal,
  2. Jawahar Lal Nehru Vidyapith
  3. Moulana Azad Urdu School, Driver's Quarter
  4. The Kidderpore Academy
  5. Sharat Chandra Paul Girls High School
  6. Jnan Chandra Ghosh College of Polytechnique
  7. Adarsh Hindi High School
  8. Kidderpore College
  9. St. Thomas College of Engg And Technology, Diamond Harbour Road
  10. St. Paul's School Kidderpore, Diamond Harbour Road
  11. St. Teresa Secondary School, Diamond Harbour Road
  12. Lajpat Hindi High School
  13. Loyola High School
  14. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Command Hospital
  15. Sarat Chandra Paul Girls High School
  16. Sir Syed High School (Urdu)
  17. Kidderpore Urdu Girls Primary School
  18. Kidderpore Oriya High School
  19. Kidderpore Balika Vidyatan
  20. Bankim Ghosh Smriti Uchha Balika Vidyalaya
  21. Jnan Bhaskar Vidyalaya
  22. Thomas Day High School
  23. Jnan Bhaskar Vidyalay
  24. St Barnabas High School
  25. Grace International School - Mominpore

Places of interest[edit]

  • Kidderpore Hanging bridge
  • Kidderpore Drawbridge at Port area
  • Syed Peer Baba Mazar - Hastings
  • Bhukailash Twin Temple, wherein the largest "Shiblingo" in India exists (Reference: The Bengali Movie "Harmonium" by Tapan Sinha)
  • Bhukailash ground Mela (annually)
  • Raja's old Rajbari
  • Solana Mosque (Muslim burial ground)
  • Shahani Begam Masjid Diamond Harbor Road (Oldest Masjid in area)
  • Gausiya Masjid (Kanta Pokhar Lane)
  • Hussain Shah Baba Mazar (Hussainshah Road)
  • Lord Shiva's Temple at Bhukoilash and the adjacent Bhukoilash Rajbati
  • Hastings House, Warren Hasting's residence
  • The Kidderpore Fancy Market, famous for latest foreign goods : Now the market lost its dignity because all the foreign goods are available in whole country.
  • The Twin Shiv Temple at Bhukailash, it considered to be the biggest ShivLinga in India
  • Kolkata Port Trust
  • Kidderpore Tram Depot
  • Manasa Mandir besides 3 no. Bus Terminus, now abolished. This is the oldest one of this area and the Purohits are from Shantipur, Dist: Nadia
  • Panchananda Mandir at Panchanantala (Watgunge Crossing)
  • Mahalakshmi Mandir situated opposite Alipore Body Guard Lines
  • Kidderpore Puddapukur the only Swimming Club in Kidderpore
  • Hanging Place of Maharaja Nandakumar at Hastings
  • The oldest Church in Kidderpore situated inside St. Thomas School
  • The Engineering College inside St. Thomas School Campus
  • Syed Ameer Ali Library
  • Kidderpore Akra Kali Mondir, More than 100 years old, near to Jubok Sangha club
  • Kidderpore Shitala Temple at Pitambar Sarkar Lane (The goddess is very much awakened to the people)
  • Kidderpore Shitala Temple at Nazir Lane (The goddess is also very much awakened to the people)
  • India Restaurant---Famous restaurant near market
  • Jamhuri Masjid.
  • Nazir Lane Sri Sri Sitala Matar Mandir.
  • Shadman palace---renowned Marriage Hall
  • Nawab Ali Park
  • Hussaini Masjid (Oldest Masjid of the area)
  • Mezban hall—renowned Marriage Hall
  • National Library
  • Five star market famous for garment
  • Babu bazar market
  • Hanging Place of Maharaja Nandakumar at Hastings


  • Moulan Azad Educational Library. Situated in Driver's Quarter, this library is the premier and most peaceful place to indulge one self in extreme studies. The Librarian Mr Ahmed Khan, Popularly known as Master Sahab is one of respected people of the society and the secretary Dr. Ali Sher Khan hold a very promonet place in the educated and respected people of the society.
  • Hemchandra Pathagar is the oldest library in Kidderpore. Recently the library authority renovated its building and established a stage named Hem Madhu Ranga Mancha, named after the three poets of Kidderpore.
  • Michael Madhusudan library is the second oldest one.
  • As well as those above, some small libraries were established in Kidderpore at different times. In 1944 a few enthusiastic people of the area established a small library at 32, Harisava Street, mainly the organizers of the local Durgapuja Committee, in memory of Shishir Chatterjee, one of the then executive members of that Durgapuja Committee. The library named as "Shishir Smriti Pathagar" (Shishir Memorial Library) situated inside the space of Kidderpore Mitali Sangha is now abolished. Another library is "Abhijatri Pathagar" (Abirjatri Library) at Ramanath Paul Road : Now abolished.


  • Kanta pukur welfare Society: known for its unity(Pun Intended) and the people that are part of the club. There are two wings of the club: The senior Members, being Mr Farooq Azam, Mr Ahmed Khan, Janab Mojammil Khan(Majnu Sir) and the junior wing comprising Bipin Thakur Sonar, Pintu Thakur Sonar, Jeevan, Naimuddin, Sajjad, Sunny and Shamim along with Athar Khan.
  • Kidderpore Sporting Club: It is a first division football club
  • Kidderpore Swimming Club : The only swimming club of Kidderpore
  • Kidderpore Aviyan Club and Puja Samiti
  • Bhukailash Navyuvak Society (BNS)
  • Khidderpore School of Physical Culture (KSOPC - Boxing Club)
  • Khidderpore Combat Sports (Taekwondo and Kickboxing Club)
  • Kidderpore Tarun Samsad
  • Kidderpore Venus Club
  • Kidderpore Bayam Samiti
  • Kidderpore Boys Sporting Club
  • Kidderpore Nabajatri Sangha
  • Kidderpore Sandhyanir : Famous for organising Kali puja with one of the tallest Kali idol in Kolkata
  • Kidderpore Milan Sangha : One of the oldest clubs in the Kidderpore area known for its social services rendered to society and a famous Durga puja
  • Kidderpore Ananda Sporting Club, now known as 26 Palli Club. It is 80 years old
  • Khidderpore Diamond Sangha - Syama Puja. Established 1947
  • Kidderpore Young Society
  • Young Boys group, Mansatala Lane
  • Kidderpore Jubilee Garden Club
  • Young Men's Athletic Club
  • Kabitirtha Kinds Society Taekwondo Club
  • Kidderpore 25 Palli Sarbojanin Durgotsab Samity, has performed its primary activity i.e. Durgapuja for 67 years
  • Sangha Shakti behind Hem Chandra Library—famous for yoga and bayam
  • Palli Sharadiya Club: At (Padda pukur) Hemchandra St. & Mohun Ch. Rd. Crossing. Famous For Durgapuja
  • Mahabir Bayam Samity : Most people know this as Akhra. During the British era, the late Sudhanshu Shekhar Banerjee (6/1b, Bishu Babu Lane), late Phatik Bandyopadhyaya (Ramkamal Street) and late Bijoy Banerjee (Michael Dutta Street) founded this samity. All of them were the active freedom fighters and students of Barin Ghosh (the founder of Anusilan Samity, the younger brother of Rishi Aravindo Ghosh)
  • Sukanto Pathagar at Padda Pukur Sq.
  • Bhukailash Pally at 4/3 Bhukailash Rd.
  • Kidderpore Sabuj Sangha (Famous for Saraswati Puja)
  • Kidderpore Amra Sabai Club = estd 1964 situated at the dock East Boundary Road Kidderpore kol-23. It is the oldest club in the port area and known for its religious unity and organizations.
  • Udayan kidderpore, tent padmapukur. One of the oldest club, celebrating Durga puja with its own glory and aroma since 1947.
  • Kidderpore 75 Pally Sarbojanin Durgotsav Committee. One of the oldest club celebrating Durga puja with its own glory and aroma since 1964.It helds on Ramanath Pal Road near Babubazar.

Social organisations[edit]

farz foundation of India is located in 27 d-Mansatalla lane-near lajpat high school.

  • MARGAM: Margam, a community-focussed organisation located in this area works for the education of underprivileged children. Margam has a small team and the support of innumerable responsible citizens. There are around 80 children associated with Margam.
    • "Human Rights" Awareness Welfare Association,20B, Karl Marx Sarani.
      • Watgunge Adolescent Improvement Association" - An NGO located at watgunge area working for social upliftment.

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The only Bengali periodical published from Kidderpore is "Khidirpur Darpan" (The Mirror of Kidderpore)


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