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Publisher, Record Label
Industry Publishing, Music, Film
Founded 2002
Headquarters Paris, France
Products Books, Zines, Records
Website [1]

Kiddiepunk is a Paris-based, independent publisher and record label founded in 2002 by artist and filmmaker Michael Salerno.[1] They specialize in releasing limited edition records, zines and artist publications, as well as financing film and video projects.


Originally based in Melbourne, Australia, the first Kiddiepunk release was the zine "Kiddiepunk #1" in 2002. More releases followed between 2003 and 2008, at which time the press expanded to include a small record label and film-production company.[2] Since 2009, Kiddiepunk has been based in Paris and has released notable publications by Dennis Cooper,[3] Michael Salerno, Peter Sotos, Scott Treleaven,[4] Mark Gluth, Ken Baumann[5] and Terence Hannum.[6]


Publications have included:

  • Sebastian #1 by Aspen Michael Taylor (2002)
  • Sebastian #2 by Aspen Michael Taylor (2002)
  • The Things That We Lost by Aspen Michael Taylor (2008)
  • Theme of Sadness by O.B. De Alessi (2011)
  • GRAVES by Thomas Moore (2011)
  • French Hole, being fifteen outtakes from 'The Marbled Swarm' by Dennis Cooper (2011)
  • The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers by Scott Treleaven (2011)
  • "The Sky Went Red While He Was Inside" by Ken Baumann (2012)
  • Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma by Michael Salerno (2012)
  • I Murder So That I May Come Back by O.B. De Alessi (2012)
  • A.Y.P.S. by Terence Hannum (2013)
  • The Night is an Empire by Thomas Moore (2013)[7]
  • Home by Michael Salerno and Peter Sotos (2013)
  • Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma 2 by Michael Salerno (2014)[8]
  • Skeleton Costumes by Thomas Moore (2014)
  • Zac's Haunted House by Dennis Cooper (2015)
  • The Goners by Mark Gluth (2015)[9]
  • Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma 3 by Michael Salerno (2015)[10]

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