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Kidfresh packaging and logo.

Kidfresh is a brand of all-natural kids’ meals.


Kidfresh meals are made with natural ingredients[vague] and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They contain up to one serving of vegetables and are rich in key nutrients such as protein, calcium, fiber, vitamins and iron for growing kids. Kidfresh meals are low[vague] in sodium, fat, saturated fats, 0g Trans fat, and contains less than 400 calories.

Available Kidfresh frozen meals:

  • Totally Twisted Pasta + Meatballs
  • Rainbow Rice + Chicken
  • Easy Cheesy Ravioli
  • Spaghetti Loops Bolognese
  • Muy Cheesy Quesadillas
  • Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese


Packaging contains no BPA or phthalate and uses recycled paper, carbon-neutral printing and recyclable containers.


Kidfresh was launched in 2007 and first started with a concept Kidfresh store in New York City where they offered natural and organic kids’ foods, including their own, freshly prepared in their “kidchen”.[1] The Kidfresh store attracted celebrities including Jennifer Garner, Tom Cruise and a lot of media interest from all around the world including The New York Times, USA Today, ABC News,[2] CBS News,[3] NBC News,[4] Today Show, Nikkei (Japan), Elle Japan, France2 (France),[5] Time Out Chicago (USA). In 2009, Kidfresh's meals were first sold in American.[6]


Kidfresh is now distributed in the North East and Southern region, including Whole Foods, Shaws, and ShopRite.


Kidfresh is a sponsor of Save the Children,.[7]


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