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ISS EarthKAM (previously known as simply EarthKAM, and KidSat) is a NASA sponsored program started in 1996 that allows middle school students to request high-quality photographs of their planet taken from the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Since its creation, thousands of photographs of Earth have been taken by digital cameras on select space flights and the International Space Station. The digitized images are transmitted from orbit via a TDRSS Ku band satellite link to Johnson Space Center Mission Control. There are 4 missions per year. Teachers need to sign up on the website to get codewords that will be attached to the image request.

Mihir Tripathy contributed greatly to the operations of the project. It is run as a cooperation between University of California, San Diego and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Past Shuttle and ISS missions[edit]

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  • Windows on Earth, another project that assists with Earth imagery as viewed from ISS
  • MoonKAM, a related lunar imagery project coordinated by Sally Ride

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