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Kierin Meehan (born in Brisbane, Queensland) is an Australian children's book author, teacher and choreographer.


As a child, Meehan wanted to be a ballet dancer or a veterinarian, but her life took a different path when she discovered she did not like wearing pointe shoes and was afraid of animals as a child. Booked Out Speakers on Kieran Meehan. Accessed 6 May 2008. Meehan studied at the University of Queensland, where she received a degree in German and Japanese. She later obtained a graduate degree in performing arts (dance) from the Queensland University of Technology, and worked as a dance teacher and choreographer for ten years.[1] Meehan also taught German and Japanese language lessons, and lived in Japan for one year. Meehan is currently a Japanese teacher at Dakabin State School in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Books Meehan began writing in Esashi, a town on the west coast of Hokkaidō, Japan, when she was asked to write a monthly column for the town's magazine.[2] To date, she has written three books: Hannah's Winter (2001), Night Singing (2003) and In the Monkey Forest (2005). Hannah's Winter was a notable book in the 2002 CBC Awards, and Night Singing and In the Monkey Forest both received the Patricia Wrightson Prize.[3][4] Meehan also wrote a fourth novel, Ten Rules for Detectives.


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