Kiess (crater)

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Kiess (crater)
Keiss crater Widmannstatten crater AS17-M-2834.jpg
Apollo 17 mapping camera image, Kiess at center and Widmannstätten in upper right
Coordinates 6°24′S 84°00′E / 6.4°S 84.0°E / -6.4; 84.0Coordinates: 6°24′S 84°00′E / 6.4°S 84.0°E / -6.4; 84.0
Diameter 63 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 277° at sunrise
Eponym Carl C. Kiess
Oblique view of Kiess and Widmannstätten from Apollo 12

Kiess is a lunar crater next to the southern border of the Mare Smythii, near the eastern limb of the Moon. It is located to the east of the crater Kästner, and to the north of Dale and Kreiken.

The interior floor of this crater has been flooded by lava, leaving only a narrow rim above the surface. This surface has a low albedo, and is as dark as the neighboring mare. There is a break in the northeastern rim of Kiess where the crater is nearly attached to the somewhat smaller Widmannstätten, another flooded formation. The overall shape of the rim is slightly elongated in longitude, but it is not overlaid by other craters of note. There are a low ridges on the western interior floor that are concentric to the inner wall.