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Coordinates: 50°27′33″N 30°31′37″E / 50.45917°N 30.52694°E / 50.45917; 30.52694

The Kiev River Port passenger terminal at the Poshtova Square.

The Kiev River Port (Ukrainian: Київський річковий порт; translit. Kyivskyi richkovyi port) is the main river port of Kiev, located on the right bank of the Dnieper River in the Podil neighborhood of the city.


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Since ancient times the Podil neighborhood was an important trade center, especially by water routes.

Around the 19th century, steamboats started to navigate along the Dnieper, and a row of quays were built along the Right Bank of the river.

Port infrastructure[edit]

Panoramic view of Podil with Harbor entrance seen.

Freight and shipbuilding infrastructure[edit]

Passenger infrastructure[edit]

Kiev River port boasts more than 20 riverboat stairway-equipped moorings on the several kilometer-long embankment, all of which are reserved for passenger and leisure vessels. From April through October, there is a daily leisure navigation in the port, facilitated by various private operators.

Passenger terminal of the port[edit]

In 1953–1961 a new passenger terminal was built on the Poshtova Square by the architects V. Gopkalo, V. Ladny, and others. The building has a mast-like tower which resembled a steamboat tower.

Ownership and operations[edit]

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