Kiev Urban Electric Train

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Kiev Urban Electric Train
Railway-osm-route kiev-citytrain ua.png
Service routemap
Metro transfer Light Rail transfer
Livyi Bereh
Vydubychi Line 3 Vydubychi
Lybidska Line 2 Lybidska
Pivnichna/Kyiv Passenger Station Line 1 Vokzalna Starovokzalna
Karavayevi Dachi
Kyiv-Volynskyi Zhuliany Airport
Borshchahivka Simyi Sosninykh
Rubezhivsky Line 1 Beresteiska
Syrets Line 3 Syrets
Kyiv-Petrivka Line 2 Petrivka
Livoberezhna Line 1 Livoberezhna
Kyivska Rusanivka

Kiev Urban Electric Train (Ukrainian: Київська міська електричка, Kyivska miska elektrychka) is a pioneering intracity passenger railway service in Kiev, Ukraine, provided by the Ukrzaliznytsia national railway company but sponsored by the Kyivpastrans municipal organization. The project uses long-existing railroad ring in the city for peak hour circulation of electric multiple unit trains.

Opened in 2010, Kiev Urban Electric Train is the first instance of both a municipal railway service and an intracity passenger rail route in Ukraine, and arguably in the former Soviet Union as a whole.


The project intentionally uses the colloquial Ukrainian term electrychka ("electric train") as its official name. This reflects the essence of the service, which is provided with exactly the same rolling stock and railway personnel that are used for the conventional electrychka commuter rail since Soviet rule.

Other name, kiltseve metro (a Kiev "ring metro") was sometimes used, but never became official or widespread.


All the railroad infrastructure the Kiev Urban Electric Train utilizes already existed in the city and is shared with other services of the Ukrzaliznytsia (both passenger and freight). However, not all of the Kiev's rail stations and halts are served by the project.

The trains depart from and arrive to the dedicated terminus platform at the Darnytsia Station, thus making a circle on the Kiev ring railroad through the Kiev Passenger Railway Station. However, not all of the trains commence full circle: some early and last runs start or terminate at the Kyiv-Volynskyi Station. Passengers are advised to consult with the schedule and pay attention to the on-platform audio announcements.

Connections with other public transport[edit]

Kiev Urban Electric Train is designed as a mean of transporting passengers to- and from the Kiev Metro stations and major public transport routes. Thus, all stops for the moment are essentially multimodal transfer hubs.

Rolling stock[edit]

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