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The Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and Management (KIST) in Kigali, Rwanda is the first technology-focused institution of higher education to be created by the Rwanda government.

It was established in November, 1997. Major partners in its creation were the Ministry of Education, the UNDP Rwanda, and GTZ, a German enterprise.


KIST has won two Ashden Awards, one in 2005 for their work with biogas plants to process sewage at prisons and provide gas for cooking,[1] and another in 2002 for the development of a fuel-efficient bread oven.[2]

Kigali Institute of Science and Technology was a military academy located in the heart of the capital city Kigali until 1994. After the 1994 Genocide, the president of Rwanda decided to move all military outside the city and transform it into an international school of sciences. Today it is ranked in the top 100 universities on the continent. Kigali institute of science and technology (KIST) is the first major university in Kigali the capital and administrative city of Rwanda. It is equipped with modern tools of technology like a 400 million dollar computer lab donated by the African Development Bank in 2009. It is said its one of the successful schools on the continent.

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