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Kijabe is also a spider genus (Oonopidae)

Kijabe is a town in Kenya. Its name is Maasai for "Place of the Wind". It stands on the edge of the Great Rift Valley at an altitude of 2200m, some 50 kilometres north-west of Nairobi. Kijabe is located in the Lari division of Kiambu District. Kijabe has a population 17,334 (1999 census, total population of Kijabe location) [1]. Kijabe has a railway station along the Uganda Railway. The town is located between Limuru and Naivasha.

There are actually two places called Kijabe. Kijabe Town is located approximately 2km north-west of Kijabe Mission Station. Kijabe Town is the closest settlement to the Railway Station of the same name and is a community of small land holders. Kijabe mission station is the home of Kijabe Hospital, [[AIC-CURE International Children’s Hospital of Kenya]][2], Moffatt Bible College, and Rift Valley Academy, a school for children of missionaries established in 1906 and Kijabe Guesthouse.

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Coordinates: 0°56.7′S 36°35.7′E / 0.9450°S 36.5950°E / -0.9450; 36.5950