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Genre Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Television drama
Written by Shotaro Ishinomori
Music by Michiaki Watanabe
Studio Toei Productions
Ishimori Productions
Network TV Asahi
Original run July 8, 1972May 5, 1973
Episodes 43
Anime television series
Directed by Tensai Okamura
Studio Studio OX
Network Kids Station
Original run October 16, 2000December 28, 2000
Episodes 13
Original video animation
Kikaider 01: The Animation
Directed by Keitaro Motonaga
Studio Studio OX
Released June 30, 2003July 3, 2003
Episodes 4
Original video animation
The Boy with the Guitar: Kikaider vs Inazuman
Directed by Konno Naoyuki
Studio Studio OX
Released September 19, 2003
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Kikaider (キカイダー Kikaidā?) is a Japanese television franchise, created by Shotaro Ishinomori, featuring the main character Kikaider. The tokusatsu aired for the first time in July 1972.

The series was originally a live-action tokusatsu series, as was its sequel, Kikaider 01. A manga drawn by Ishinomori was eventually published, introducing Kikaider 00. A 13-episode anime and 4-episode OVA based on the manga were created in 2001.

Ishinomori used the stories of Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio, the basis for Astro Boy, as a tribute to its creator, Osamu Tezuka, Ishinomori's mentor. Cyborg 009 is an influence for this franchise. Other bases for Kikaider included Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, as the inspiration for his science fiction action story.[citation needed]

The tokusatsu series from 1972 is especially popular in Hawaii. The complete DVD series is available with English subtitles through JN Productions.




The manga series was serialized in Shōnen Sunday, Bessatsu Shōnen Sunday and more children's magazines at the same time as the live action television series. Kikaider Code 02 a manga series by MEIMU published by Kadokawa Comics A.


Superhero Safety[edit]

In the past, the Super Giant movie series and shows like Moonlight Mask (the first TV superhero in Japan) became controversial, when younger viewers began imitating the stunts performed. The original Android Kikaider series was one of the first tokusatsu superhero TV shows to add safety bumpers at the end of each episode, warning viewers not to imitate the stunts performed by its superhero.


  • Jiro/Kikaider: The titular protagonist, assuming the human form of Jiro, he is an android built by Dr. Kohmyoji to stop DARK while protecting his creator's children Mitsuko and Masaru Kohmyoji. Unlike other robots, Kikaider possesses morality from being installed with the GEMINI Conscience Circuit. But the circuit is incomplete and he is initially prone to suffer the effects of Professor Gill's hypnotic flute until he is able to overpower its influence. Jiro also has a guitar and motorcycle called "Side Machine." Kikaider is half-blue and half-red is due to his incomplete GEMINI Conscience Circuit (he would be blue if it were complete since blue represents good and red represents evil). It is that later side, the dark side, that Professor Gill tries to exploit in him. In the OVA special "The Boy with the Guitar: Kikaider vs Inazuman," Kikaider becomes completely red due to the submission chip installed by Professor Gill. In Kikaider Code 02, he was initially blue but his left side becomes red with transparent parts. When Hakaider ripped out some of the GEMINI system, Kikaider turned completely red.[citation needed]
  • Dr. Den Kohmyoji: The creator of the three Kikaiders. A top robotics expert, he was captured by DARK to help them build an army of murderous robot monsters. He secretly built the Kikaiders to protect his two children, Mitsuko and Masaru, and the world.
  • Mitsuko Kohmyoji: The daughter of Dr. Kohmyoji, having despised robots since they are tracking her down. By the end of the series, Mitsuko has fallen in love with Jiro. She awaits his return, as he promised in the final episode of the TV series.
  • Masaru Kohmyoji: The spunky younger brother of Mitsuko, and most emotionally transparent character of the entire cast.
  • Hanpei Hattori: A private investigator who befriends and helps Kikaider and his companions, a 16th generation descendant of the ninja Hattori Hanzō. In the manga and anime, Hanpei has a bespectacled girl named Etsuko Sarutobi for an assistant. Is seemingly more laid-back and restrained in the anime version. Both Hanpei and Etsuko appeared briefly in the wreckage of Tokyo in the final episode of the OVA series and Hanpei appears again by himself in the Inazuman vs. Kikaider OVA. Hanpei is derisively nicknamed "Hanpen" by his companions (hanpen is Japanese for "pounded fish cake").
  • Ichiro/Kikaider 01 (Pronounced "Kikaider Zero One"): Jiro's "older brother," the second Kikaider built by Kohmyoji in case of dire emergencies. Modelled after the scientist's late first son Taro, Ichiro/Kikaider 01 is solar-powered, and becomes weak in the dark. While the weakness in the dark was removed from the anime, his solar-power charge was kept. In the anime, Ichiro lacked a conscience circuit, thus lacks the same type of compassion Jiro has. Ichiro seemed to act have a passion for a good fight, but he matures throughout the series and decides to help Jiro in the fight against Shadow. His weapons are his machine-gun arm & the sunlight beam. He plays a trumpet & rides the motorcycle and sidecar called "Double Machine."
  • Rei/Kikaider 00 (pronounced "Kikaider Double-Oh"): The very first and failed Kikaider prototype. He was deemed a failure before his completion, and was left unfinished in Kohmyoji's lab, until he was completed by the priest who was taking care of Ichiro. Like Ichiro, Rei lacks a conscious circuit, but unlike Ichiro, Rei does not show any emotion. He has blades in his hands and can explode causing guns to pop out of parts of his body and also uses an attack by bombarding the enemy with missiles. Unlike his brothers, he neither drives a motorcycle nor has a musical instrument due to his late completion. He wears a yellow suit in his human form. He never appeared in the live-action series. Despite being first built he is considered younger brother to Jiro due to his completion being done at a later time.
  • Mari/Bijinder: (Mieko in the anime and manga) An agent of SHADOW, but joined up with Kikaider to fight at their side. She played a harp and rides the motorcycle called "Bijinder Machine" in the live action version. Her human form was constructed in a highly sensual fashion, which causes her to often make remarks towards her beauty in combat. She can also make other people fall in love with her by looking into their eyes. She unknowingly shares a mental link with Rieko as their sister units, and feels whatever she feels when her emotions are at their highest. In the anime, even after death, Rieko controls Mieko when Hakaider leaves Akira in her care and escapes from SHADOW along with Akira before she dies. In the movie Kikaider Reboot, Mari is an android working in DARK. She has similar basis to Kikaider and Hakaider's name but with Biji, Japanese for beautiful, instead of "Kikai" or Hakai."
  • Rieko: Although she has no alternate name, Rieko is an android. In the live action and manga, Rieko knew she was an android, but in the anime she believed she was human due to Professor Gill installing her memories of another child with the same name. She is Akira's caretaker, treating him as if he were her own child instead. Her android form is similar to Bijinder's form but with two shades of gold with her 'hair' modelled into a sort of swept up bun. She has a green jewel in the center of her forehead with which to shoot a laser at her enemies. Rieko did not change her appearance in the live action.
  • Akira: The second son of Professor Gill. In the Tokusatsu series Kikaider 01 and the manga, Akira had part of the plans for the Giant Devil Robot (Armageddon Lord in anime) on his back and was wanted by both the Hakaider Squad and the Shadow. In the anime version of Kikaider 01, he was 'made' in order to be some sort of tool for Gill's Armageddon Lord, appears to be the power source. In the anime, Akira is very quiet and very uncomfortable without the presence of Rieko at first, since she was the only one to truly take care of him.
  • Hiroshi: Oldest son of Professor Gill. Like his younger brother, he also had part of the plans for the Giant Devil Robot tattooed (with invisible ink) on his back and was also wanted by SHADOW and Hakaider Squad. He does not appear in the anime version of Kikaider 01.
  • Misao : Hiroshi's tutor when the DARK was in operation. After Kikaider's defeat of DARK Misao and Hiroshi were homeless and Misao became a pickpocket. After the death of Rieko, Misao became the guardian of both Hiroshi and Akira. Does not appear in the anime version of Kikaider 01.
  • Gunta Momochi : Inept photographer who takes the place of Hanpei Hattori as comic relief in the live action Kikaider 01. The character was apparently not popular and eventually fades out of the show.


  • Professor Gill Helbert: The leader of a terrorist organization called DARK. He once funded Dr. Kohmyoji's research, and he even introduced Mitsuko's and Masaru's mother to Dr. Kohmyoji. Gill hates Kikaider, seeing him as an abomination of robots due to his GEMINI System (not to mention a threat to his ambition), and wants to destroy him as a result. Gill used a flute that can control his DARK Destructoids (and partially affecting Kikaider as well). When DARK was demolished, Gill was mortally injured & his brain was transferred into the body of a restored Hakaider, minus Saburo's AI. Thereafter, Gill became the cyborg Gill-Hakaider, leader of the Hakaider Squad and the terrorist group SHADOW, who must retrieve his son Akira, the core of the project he worked on before Kikaider destroyed DARK, the Armageddon Lord.
  • Saburo/Hakaider: Another android, considered as Jiro's "younger brother" due to him being made by Dr. Kohmyoji. Saburo announces his presence by whistling and uses a gun called "Hakaider Shot" as a weapon, but he feels that hand-to-hand combat is more honorable, unless his foe is either cowardly or defeated. It is later revealed that he has Dr. Kohmyoji's brain is inside Saburo as well. While Jiro was made by Dr. Kohmyoji voluntarily, Saburo was one of the androids Kohmyoji was forced to make under the dominance of DARK to "correct his mistake" by destroying Kikaider. Hakaider controls Jiro by whistling (similar to Gill's flute) and attempts to destroy him by pushing him into not submitting to the GEMINI system. Hakaider almost succeeded in killing Kikaider, when Kohmyoji's brain override Saburo's systems momentarily and helped get Kikaider and the others into DARK HQ. By the time Saburo resumed control, Gill no longer needed him & had the other Hakaider's blast the cyborg's head off (Kikaider, however, saved Kohmyoji's brain for Mitsuko), But Saburo was still active & grabbed Gill by the throat as DARK HQ exploded. Later on, Professor Gill's own brain somehow wound up in Hakaider.
    • The basis of Hakaider's name is the same as that of Kikaider, except that kikai, "machine," is replaced with hakai, "destruction."
    • Saburo uses a knife called the "Destruction Blade" as a weapon and henshin (transformation) device. When Saburo transforms into Hakaider, the Destruction Blade transforms into Hakaider Shot.
    • In 1995, Hakaider got to star in his own movie as an anti-hero in a post-apocalyptic world, but the film did poorly at the box office.
    • Hakaider was George Lucas' inspiration for Darth Vader[citation needed]

Hakaider Squad[edit]

  • The Hakaider Squad: When Hakaider returned from the dead with Professor Gill's brain, instead of Kohmyoji's, he created 3 other Hakaiders from three DARK scientists to serve as his aides; Red, Blue and Silver Hakaiders in episode 1-10. All four Hakaiders combine into a singular robot called Gattaider In Episode 7-8. the 3 Hakaiders sacrificed themselves so that Professor Gill can escape. In the live-action version, all 4 Hakaider also transformed into separate robot monsters; Gill, Red, Blue and Silver Hakaider transformed into Black Dragon (which looks like King Ghidorah) In Episode 7, Red Centipede In Episode 5-6, Blue Alligator In Episode 5 and Silver Shrimp In Episode 4, respectively.
  • Gattaider is based on gattai ("combine").


  • Shadow Knight: A big one-eyed android that resembles a knight and the leader in SHADOW's ranks. In the live action Kikaider 01 series Shadow Knight is the second in command of SHADOW until Big Shadow places Gill Hakaider in that position. Shadow Knight and Hakaider are rivals and will not allow the other to defeat Kikaider 01. In the anime Shadow Knight is Gill Hakaider's second in command.
  • Waruder: Robot samurai warrior, an agent of SHADOW. Appeared in the manga and live-action versions (did not have a robot form in the former). In the live action series, Waruder was in love with Bijinder but she is unable to accept Waruder as long as he is obsessed with destroying Kikaider 01. He plays wooden flute and rides a motorcycle called "Waruder Machine". His name has similar basis to Kikaider and Hakaider's named, but waruiinstead of "Kikai" or "Hakai". "Warui" meaning "evil" in Japanese.
  • Zadam: A conjoined robotic monster with 4 legs, 2 arms, 2 heads, and a pair of red wings on his back. Zadam possesses the ability to split his body into two, when he does, each half has two legs, two arms and one head. In the live action Kikaider 01 series Zadam is from SHADOW's base on the moon and is weakened by sunlight. He takes over Gill Hakaider as the second-in-command of SHADOW, causing both Gill Hakaider and Shadow Knight to resent him. he briefly appeared in the OVA "Kikaider 01: The Animation" before being destroyed by Kikaider 00. In Kikaider Code 02, one half resembles a female and when fused has a tail instead of a third leg.
  • Big Shadow : Mysterious leader of SHADOW, in the Kikaider 01 tokusatsu series who forces Gill Hakaider to serve him.
  • Chigusa Sakamoto: Mother of Mitsuko and Masaru and second wife to Dr. Kohmyoji. Appeared in the anime and briefly mentioned in the manga, she was secretly working for Professor Gill as a spy and left Dr. Kohmyoji and Mitsuko once she completed her mission. In the anime, she returned living in her hometown and was still working for Professor Gill. She admitted she was in love with Professor Gill and married Dr. Kohmyoji because she was ordered to marry him and play the role of his wife and bared Mitsuko and Masaru in order to play her role perfectly. Though she played her role as a housewife and completed her mission, she felt pain for not seeing her children. She regretted meeting Professor Gill and committed suicide in order to escape the pain. Before she died she gave Masaru some shoes for the winter and the coordinates to Professor Gill's headquarters.

Foot Soldiers[edit]

  • Android Men: Professor Gill's loyal android henchmen. Although vastly inferior to Destructoids they are capable of fighting and are often equipped with a naginata.
  • Android Women: Professor Gill's 2nd loyal android henchmen. Although vastly inferior to Destructoids they are capable of fighting and are often equipped with a 2nd naginata.
  • Androbot: They're for the Hakaider Squad and holding spears.
  • Shadow Man: They're the same design as the Androidbots and for the Evil Organization Shadow and holding guns and same spears as Androidbots.


  • Gray Rhino King: Appears in episodes 1 and 14. Powers include strength, a retractable drill-like nasal horn, burrowing, can run up to 900 kilometers per hour, and can disguise himself as a human.
  • Green Mantis: Appears in episodes 2 and 14. Powers include a pair of launchable tentacle-like mantis arms called the Mantis Cut, a human disguise, and a chain in the left arm.
  • Orange Ant: Appears in episodes 3 and 14. Powers include purple formic acid spray from the arms called the Formic Acid Guns, telekinetic burrowing called the Ant Death Trap, and needle grenades in the right arm.
  • Blue Buffalo: Appears in episodes 4 and 14. Powers include swimming, explosive spikes from the back called the Buffalo Missiles, a resistance to fire, projectiles, and electricity, a thick skull that can easily withstand 500 tons of force, and mouth flames.
  • Yellow Jaguar: Appears in episodes 5 and 14. Powers include a tail flamethrower called the Tail Fire that can fly if severed, a human disguise, and torso guns called the Body Gun.
  • Black Horse: Appears in episodes 6 and 14. Powers include a hot magnet that emits fire called the Electro-Disintegrator, speed, high jumping, fangs, and nasal winds called the Horse Hurricane.
  • Burusukongu (Boris Kong or Bull Kong): Appears in episodes 7 and 14. Powers include a launchable right wrist collar on a chain, body part separation, missiles from the neck collar, and mouth wind gusts and suction.
  • Carmine Spider: Appears in episodes 8 and 14. Powers include body webs called the Spider Threads, remotely controlling his hands if severed, tooth venom, and a web net called the Spider Net.
  • Red Condor: Appears in episodes 9 and 14. Powers include flight, a sharp beak, a red beak energy draining heat beam called the Condor Beam, shurikens from the wing tips called the Condor Shuriken, and launchable wings called the Condor Boomerangs.
  • Scorpion Brown: Appears in episodes 10 and 14. Powers include a drill on right hand scorpion claw, a Thermo-Luminescent Death Beam in the stinger tail, a human disguise, and a gun for the left hand called the Armstrong Gun.
  • Gold Wolf: Appears in episodes 11, 14, and 25. Powers include a human disguise named Moon Dew, launchable mace hands called the Wolf Bazooka, and a mouth heat beam called the Wolf Beam.
  • Silver Cat: Appears in episodes 12, 14, and 25. Powers include a human disguise, possession, launchable venomous claws, high jumping, and mouth flames called the Cat Fire.
  • Pink Tiger: Appears in episodes 13 and 14. Powers include a gun each arm called the Tiger Gun, a remote controlled flying spiked bracelet called the Tiger Ring, mouth smokescreen called the Tiger Smoke Shield, and a wielding staff.
  • Silver Tortoise: Appears in episode 14. Powers include flight when retracted into his shell, toxic white mist from the torso called the Tortoise Gas Bomb, hand claws called the Silver Turtle Claws, fifteen times the strength of his predecessors, bombs from the limb retraction sockets called the Pineapple Bombs, and a retracted shell rolling mode called the Bowling Ball.
  • Test Kikaider: Appears in episode 15. It has no real powers.
  • Golden Bat: Appears in episode 15. Powers include a talon on each foot, flight, a human disguise, teleportation, and bright flashes from the head called the Bat Flash.
  • Onna Benikurage (Woman Jellyfish): Appears in episode 16. Powers include swimming, spawning flying white jellyfish called Mini Poison Jellyfish, a remote controlled flying sword called the Jellyfish Sword, and a red smokescreen from the Head called the Jellyfish Smoke.
  • Red Hornet: Appears in episode 17. Powers include flight, red toxic mist from the mouth, and a delusion venom stinger for each hand.
  • Black Chameleon: Appears in episodes 18 and 25. Powers include invisibility, a missile launcher in each palm, a human disguise, and a constricting tail.
  • King Crab Maroon: Appears in episodes 19 and 33. Powers include a human disguise, launchable daggers from the right arm called the King Crab Death Daggers, adhesive mouth foam called the King Crab Foam, and burrowing. His reconstructed form is armed with an electric Death Ray from the antennae.
  • Blue Water Scorpion: Appears in episode 20. Powers include swimming, a pair of launchable head horns called the Blue Water Scorpion Sickle and Chain, claws tipped with skull seaweed poison called the Water Scorpion Poison, and blue toxic mist from the mouth called the Blue Water Scorpion Smoke.
  • Purple Rat: Appears in episode 21. Powers include a pair of cone-like rockets on the nose called the Electroshock Rat Rockets, a pair of lamps in the neck called the Rat Photo-bomb Flash, a tentacle for the right arm called the Rat Guillotine, and toxic white mouth mist called the DARK Germ Gas.
  • White Saw Shark: Appears in episode 22. Powers include flying saw discs from the head called the Flying Slicers, a launchable saw-like drill for the right called the Gyro Drill, and a tail-like left arm.
  • Yellow Antlion Brothers: Appears in episode 23. Powers include burrowing, launchable head horns that fire electromagnetic waves and coated with rust, teleportation, emitting diamond dust from the head, controlling electromagnetism, and hydrofluoric acid from the head.
  • Pink Armadillo: Appears in episode 24. Powers include a human disguise, rolling into a ball, and a whip for the left arm.
  • Orange Snail: Appears in episode 25. Powers include rolling into a flight capable ball, spewing glue from the head, explosive flashes from the eyes, and hypnosis from the face swirl.
  • Green Mammoth: Appears in episodes 25 and 26. Powers include freezing rust mist from the suction tentacle arms called the Mammoth Dry Gas, tentacle swings called the Mammoth Ultra-Chop, and teleportation.
  • Violet Turbo: Appears in episode 27 Powers include teleportation, launchable body thorns called the Turbo Thorns, an acidic head tentacle disc called the Turbo Brand, and a human disguise.
  • Sponge Green: Appears in episodes 27, 28, and 29. Powers include teleportation, a detachable head called the Sponge Roller Ball, dividing and reforming, disguising himself as a sand pillar, cactus, or human, acidic slime called the Sponge Slime, teleportation, summoning vine armed cacti called the Sponge Cactus, and hand fire balls called the Sponge Fire Balls.
  • Red Devil Stinger: Appears in episodes 27 and 28. Powers include explosive head darts coated with corrosive bacteria called the Devil Stinger Darts, teleportation, and swimming.
  • Crimson Squid: Appears in episode 30. Powers include a launchable head called the Crimson Squid Flying Head that turn humans into small computers, a pair of squid whips on the wrists called the Crimson Squid Sucker Squeeze, mouth bombs called the Crimson Squid Shooter, enhanced hearing, and mental electric barriers.
  • Octopus Gold: Appears in episode 31. Powers include swimming, solidifying head ink called the Octopus Black, twin tentacle arms called the Octopus Wrap, and flight.
  • Blue Electric Eel: Appears in episodes 31 and 32. Powers include a human disguise, electric bolts from the antennae, and a pair of extendable eel-like arms called the Accordion Arms.
  • Mask Crab Red: Appears in episode 33. Powers include a sonic disruptor in the claws five times more powerful than King Crab Maroon's Death Ray, launchable crab legs on the head called the Jet Knives, and three guns in the abdomen called the Heat Guns.
  • Black Spiny Anteater: Appears in episode 34. Powers include burrowing, launchable spines from the back called the Black Spiny Anteater Deadly Spines, finger missiles called the Black Spiny Anteater Missiles, a human disguise, and mouth sand called the Spiny Anteater Dust Storm.
  • Tiny Spiny: Appears in episode 34. Her only known power is a human disguise.
  • Black Crow: Appears in episode 35. Powers include commanding crows, flight, limb retraction, a launchable ax on a chain disguised as his tail called the Black Ax, missiles from the bridge of the nose, a nose drill, and reinforced armor.
  • Stag Beetle Blue: Appears in episode 36. Powers include detachable head pincers called the Flying Beetle Jaws, green eye beams called the Beetle Paralyzer, a sickle for each hand, and a torso blade.
  • Starfish Purple: Appears in episodes 36, 37, and 38. Powers include flight, a high body temperature, and hot sparks from under the eye called the Starfish Sparkler.
  • Angler Brown: Appears in episode 39. Powers include hypnotic head lights, a mouth flamethrower called the Angler Torch, and a crushing bite attack called the Angler Gulp.
  • Grasshopper Gray: Appears in episode 40. Powers include claw hands, launchable bladed wings called the Assassin Wings, and speakers in the abdomen that can amplify any sound 3000 times to form a sonic wave called the Grasshopper Mad Speakers.
  • Red Mine Toad: Appears in episodes 41 and 42. Powers include burrowing, bombs in the abdomen called the Black Ball Bombs, exploding enemies on physical contact powered by a core in his torso, a long tongue, and 5000 degree mouth flames called the Inferno Hell.
  • Skeleton Flying Squirrel: Appears in episodes 42 and 43. Powers include flight, sharp fangs called the Flying Squirrel Scrunch, explosive ribs called the Rib Fire Bombs, and teleportation.


  • Crimson Turtle: Appears in episodes 9, 10, and 11. Powers include a bo staff, a boomerang claw for each hand, and high jumping.
  • Ghost Woman: Appears in episode 11. Powers include summoning fire balls, levitation, fangs, a 7-tube missile launcher in the left arm called the Deathfire Missile, spinning very fast to burrow underground, and splitting into four shadow men in a technique called the clone attack.
  • Bakeneko: Appears in episode 12. Powers include morphing into a cat, a human disguise, a mouth flamethrower called the Cat Fire, launchable arms with sharp claws, and head detachment.
  • Shadow Rokuro-Kubi: Appears in episode 13. Powers include a 2 meter neck used for coiling, teleporting individuals near her, remote controlled arms, neck detachment called the Rokuro Hammer, and two machine guns in each arm socket.
  • Oiwa Owl: Appears in episode 14. Powers include mouth toxic gas, teleportation, mirror illusions, a human disguise, high jumping, and a pair of explosive dart launchers in the mouth called the Owl Poison Darts.
  • Shinigami Robot: Appears in episode 15. Powers include a tentacle whip for each arm, a cannon on the head, and teleportation.
  • Shadow Mummy: Appears in episode 16. Powers include a human disguise, nitro bombs from the right arm, separation and reformation, and dividing into flamingos.
  • Shadow Golem: Appears in episode 16. Powers include a human disguise, pincer claw hands, sonic waves from the torso speaker called the Hell Ray, and teleportation.
  • Poisonous Mendicant: Appears in episode 17. Powers include a human disguise, a bamboo flamethrower in the right palm, and explosive head rings.
  • King Indian: Appears in episode 19. Powers include a human powers, a bow and arrows, telepathic explosions called the Curse of Death, a tomahawk, and a knife.
  • Vampire Bats: Appear in episode 21. Powers include clawed detachable wing bombs called the Dracula Cloak, regeneration, flight, and a detachable head armed with a mouth flamethrower called the Dracula Head.
  • Scorpion Strong: Appears in episode 22. Powers include a human disguise, invisibility, explosive gas from the claws and tail, and hypnotic eyes.
  • Automated Skeleton: Appears in episode 22. Powers include launchable arms and a mouth flamethrower.
  • Thorned Starfish: Appears in episode 23. Powers include a human disguise, squid whip arms, spawning starbots from severed body parts in a technique called the Dividing Starfish, and an acid stream from the face called the Acid Blast.
  • Pigman: Appear in episode 24. Powers include pig transformation, a knife, and teleportation.
  • Mad Pig: Appears in episode 24. Powers include a human disguise, a mouth flamethrower called the Pig Fire, and a chain in the launchable nose called the Pig Nose.
  • Tengu Flying Squirrel: Appears in episode 26. Powers include a human disguise, a wooden staff, and teleportation.
  • Hell Kappa: Appears in episodes 26 and 27. Powers include swimming, strong grabbing, and a hydrogen bomb on his back.
  • Mermabot: Appears in episode 28. Powers include a human disguise, a blinding beam from the body called Mermaid Spin Beam, teleportation, a mantis claw for the left hand, explosive scales on the waist called the Mermaid Scale Attack, a laser from the scalp probe called the Angler Laser, and a pair of bombs called the Mermaid Breast Bombs.
  • Raijin Plus and Raijin Minus: Appear in episode 29. Powers include a pair of thundersticks, electromotive force that freezes objects, electric explosions called the Thunder Shock, teleportation, brain freezing using flying drums that makes organisms lazy, stun bolts called the Thunder Chain, converting in 10 giga bolt attack called the Thunder Death Beam, and their drum rings like boomerangs.
  • Pollution Catfish: Appears in episode 30. Powers include swimming, toxic mouth gas called the Catfish Gas, liquid bombs from the body that become invisible after ground contact, a human disguise, a pair of extendable whiskers called the Deadly Catfish Whiskers, teleportation, and stomping hard enough to cause an earthquake called the Catfish Quake.
  • Ink Sumi Squid: Appears in episode 32. Powers include low explosive body ink from the right hand called Ink Bombs, a whip for the left arm, mouth flames called the Ink Squid Flame, a human disguise, and teleportation.
  • Big Gorilla: Appears in episode 33. Powers include armor that records attack data and a bazooka in the right hand called the Gorilla Bazooka.
  • Mini Gorilla: Appears in episode 33. He possesses no known powers.
  • Crazy Cuckoo: Appears in episode 34. Powers include disguising himself as a statue, eye sound waves that cause violence called the Second Cycle Sound Wave, teleportation, and a beak cannon called the Crazy Cuckoo Cannon.
  • Kimono Poison Fang: Appears in episode 35. Powers include disguising herself as a kimono and wig, sharp claws for fingers, and mentally spawning embers called the Kimono Poison Fang Flame.
  • Spaceman Robots: Appears in episode 39. Their only known power is a freezing and melting hybrid gun.
  • Satan: 41 His only known power is flight.
  • Roboshadows: Appear in episode 42. Their only known power is explosive gas from the fingertips.
  • 01 Shadow: Appears in episode 42. Possesses no known powers.
  • Bijinda Shadow: Appears in episode 42. Possesses no known powers.
  • Waruda Shadow: Appears in episode 42. His only know power is a chained harpoon.
  • Aqualungbots: Appears in episode 43. Powers include swimming and explosive flashes.
  • Warrior Ronin Robots: Appears in episode 45. Powers include ink seeking katanas and teleportation.


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