Kiken na Aneki

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Kiken na Aneki
Genre Drama
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of episodes 10
Original channel Fuji Television
Original run 2005 – 2006

Kiken na Aneki (危険なアネキ, Dangerous sister) is a Japanese television drama. It premiered in 2005 and was broadcast by Fuji Television, and ran for 10 episodes (not counting the preview episode) into 2006. It boasted the acclaimed actress Misaki Ito as one of the primary roles.

The ending theme is the song "Pop Star" by Ken Hirai.


Minagawa Yutaro's life has always followed a straight and narrow path, while his sister, Minagawa Hiroko, has only her looks to get her by. However, Yutaro's begins to unravel after his sister moves in. What he doesn't realize is that while he was studying to pass the entrance examinations for a prestigious medical school, his father's sake business, the Minagawa Brewery, was slowly going bankrupt and was forced to take a ¥6,000,000 loan. How will Hiroko tackle this loan? What is the fate of the Minagawa Brewery? Will it all work out itself out, as things always have in Hiroko's favor, or will her dreams fail?