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Kill the Drama (KTD) is an art pop-rock band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Originally formed in late 2005,[1] the band gained local attention in 2006 by winning the Graffiti Rock Challenge, a now-defunct Pittsburgh-based musical performance contest which began in 1984.[2] In mid-2008, the band won the Pittsburgh Rocks Challenge, an online contest run by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.[3]


Close Friends with Sharp Knives, KTD's debut album was released in 2007 to positive local reviews, at least one of which paid close attention to Bryan Laskey's high, clear vocals.[1] On September 17, 2011, Kill the Drama released "The Burning Streets", their second full length 15 track album.[4]

Band members[edit]

The original line-up consisted of Laskey (vocals), Steve Stiller (guitar), Jason Godek (drums), and Ben "Skinny" Solnik (bass). In April 2008, Solnik left the band to work on The World Series of Beer Pong and was later replaced by bassist Marios Papachristou. In 2010, Kill the Drama parted ways with Papachristou and was replaced by Chris "Oz" Olszewski.[5]


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